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Interoperability is crucial to powering efficient data collaboration. Habu data clean room software offers an end-to-end interoperability that other vendors simply can’t match.

The past few years have seen an explosion of interest in the vast potential of data collaboration and data clean rooms. As adoption grows, companies across industries are looking closely at their data clean room options in an effort to ensure efficiency and ease of use as they seek to speed time to insight and maximize value. Interoperability is a recurring and essential piece of this evaluation — and a point of significant differentiation for Habu data clean room software. In this blog, we’ll unpack all the ways Habu’s interoperability sets it apart from other vendors.

First, to level set, we’ll define a data clean room as a secure, cloud-based environment that enables two or more parties to collaborate with data for mutually-approved business purposes, with technical guarantees to ensure consumer privacy and data governance. Expanding adoption and integration of data clean room functionality into many common cloud platforms, alongside the maturation of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), mean the core requirements of a data clean room can be met in multiple ways. This provides companies with choice and flexibility in how they adopt and utilize the technology.

From the point of view of data clean room functionality, interoperability is the process of supporting multiple data clean room deployment options while minimizing the need to duplicate data, infrastructure, or code. An interoperable data clean room provides a single, logically unified configuration and usage workflow, interface, and language for data clean rooms running on disparate infrastructure.

Delivering interoperability from end-to-end 

In a previous post, we looked at all the ways companies should think about the concept of interoperability in their data operations. From freely establishing data connections, to working with data platform patterns and identity solutions, to leveraging models and code, Habu offers an unrivaled interoperability that encompasses all aspects of your data collaboration workflow — ensuring seamless data operations and enabling faster time-to-value.

Let’s look at four dimensions of Habu’s industry-leading 100% interoperable platform:

1. Making your data connections

Your clean room solution must be able to feed your workflows by securely connecting to data, models, and code — across a plethora of cloud platforms — without moving any data. Habu offers unrestricted, privacy-compliant interoperability with both your preferred cloud platform and those of your partners, plus walled gardens and major data publishers. And unlike other vendors, Habu does not limit your access to sensitive data by requiring that data be moved to a central location during data collaboration. Instead, Habu connects to data at its source, protecting consumer privacy and eliminating time-consuming and inefficient workstreams to sync data.

2. Working with cloud vendor clean rooms

Some of your most common data connections will be to industry walled gardens and major cloud platforms — Google, Facebook, Amazon, Snowflake, and Databricks among them. Each of these platforms has its own clean room, its own distinct “pattern” of operations and protocols, and its own APIs, and you need a data clean room solution that can seamlessly interoperate with all of them. For example, you may keep your data on Snowflake, but wish to collaborate with partners who use both Databricks and Amazon S3. You may even have data on more than one cloud platform (for example, if you use Amazon, YouTube, and/or Facebook for digital marketing) and need to ensure seamless operations among your data resources.

Alone among clean room vendors, Habu seamlessly handles orchestration of your multi-party data collaborations via native integrations with the clean rooms of all the major walled gardens and cloud platforms. With a common UI, you have complete flexibility in establishing data collaborations, generating reports and other analytics, and digging into the cross-clean room insights that only Habu can provide. With Habu, you can quickly move to running your analytics and leveraging new insights without ever needing to manually code for data connections and orchestration.

3. Utilizing your choice of identity solution

An identity solution is crucial for targeting, activation, and measurement, and thus an essential piece of any clean room solution. Unfortunately, some clean room vendors base their claims of interoperability on the identity solution itself, without actually providing the end-to-end interoperability that relieves you of the need to field IT and data engineering expertise to get data collaborations up and running. Habu, on the other hand, provides complete interoperability and high levels of automation for all aspects of your data collaborations.

In addition, while Habu’s built-in identity solution is extremely capable, Habu does not limit your data operations to this single solution: you’re free to work with other identity solutions as your use case or partnership demands. This interoperability among identity solutions is unique in the industry, and it dramatically expands the scope and accuracy of your potential data collaborations.

4. Maturing your data collaborations with models and code

Data collaboration commonly begins with simpler analytics that yield new and exciting insights, which then prompt collaborators to move into model development and proprietary code. This evolution in IP is likely to be an increasingly important piece of your business, and thus it’s important that your data clean room solution supports a variety of DataOps workflows, coding languages (e.g., SQL and Python) and training/inference options. Where other vendors fall short, Habu future-proofs your investment with full interoperability with all of your AI constructs.

Simplicity is the icing on the cake 

As you evaluate your data clean room options, keep in mind that while some vendors make interoperability claims across one or more of the above dimensions, their solutions need to be simple and easy to use if the promised interoperability is really to make a difference in your data collaboration workflows. Code-intensive interoperability requiring complex workarounds and IT, data engineering, and data science expertise doesn’t really solve your data challenges.

This is where Habu leaves the competition behind. More than just end-to-end interoperable, Habu data clean room software is radically simple to use. An intuitive, consistent interface makes accessing and analyzing data across data platforms and clean room instances easy — while accelerating time to insight for both data scientists and business users alike.

The proof is in the partnerships

Habu’s unrivaled interoperability is confirmed by the fact that all of the leading walled gardens and cloud platforms have partnered with us so that their customers have access to a data clean room solution that provides maximum interoperability across clouds. Here’s a sampling of why they chose Habu:

  • “We are excited to be working with Habu to provide our customers with interoperable data clean room solutions on top of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. The native integration of our platforms will allow for seamless collaboration without moving or copying data through Delta Sharing, while ensuring that our customers are able to honor their commitment to user privacy.”
    — Jay Bhankharia, Sr. Director of Data Partnerships at Databricks
  • “Our partnership with Habu enables Snowflake customers to design the level of transparency and privacy controls with their partners and customers, while maintaining data security and governance,”
    — Bill Stratton, Head of Media, Entertainment & Advertising for Snowflake
  • “We are excited for the launch of Habu’s solution for AWS Clean Rooms, which will bring AWS Clean Rooms’ privacy-enhancing benefits to customers directly in Habu’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform,”
    — Akram Chetibi, General Manager of AWS Clean Rooms at AWS
  • “Our collaboration with Habu will help customers achieve their data privacy needs while running in Habu clean rooms on Microsoft Azure confidential computing,”
    — Vikas Bhatia, Head of Product, Azure confidential computing at Microsoft
  • “Bringing Habu’s data orchestration and clean room capabilities alongside new privacy-centric BigQuery data clean rooms will help brands get more value and insights from their data across trusted partners,”
    — Bruno Aziza, Head of Data and Analytics at Google Cloud

Ready to power your data collaborations with a smart, secure, scalable, and simple data clean room solution that delivers end-to-end interoperability the competition can’t touch?
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