Advancing Data Opportunities for Media Companies

Act on emerging industry trends and make first-party data access and analytics a secure and scalable solution for advertisers. Habu data clean room software makes it possible to monetize your assets and enable deeper collaboration with customers.


Build Your Own Data Offerings

Uncover new audience targeting opportunities and grow revenue from advertising partners through collaboration on 1P data. With user-level reporting, Habu helps you deepen your perspective and maximize the value of your datasets.

Safe Data Collaboration. Actionable Insights.

No matter the property, format, or channel, Habu empowers direct media publishers to deliver actionable, granular data to marketers for segmentation, activation, and measurement.

With identifying information hidden, our clean room software enables a secure collaboration environment to uncover insight, validate performance, and optimize investments. It’s a powerful way to address growing privacy demands and today’s fragmented digital ecosystem.


You Have the Data. We Help You Monetize It.

Power deeper collaboration

Enrich your customer’s data sets with a clean room solution that combines first-party data assets for you and your customer.

Improve campaign planning

Give customers and partners the flexibility to augment data assets, plan campaigns, and measure their impact.

Advance inventory management

Eliminate reliance on cookie-driven signals. Bring partners closer to your data with a durable, trusted connection to powerful, adaptable analytics.


A Faster, Future-proofed Data Clean Room Approach

Quickly scale data clean room initiatives with partners using Habu’s frictionless, business user-friendly software. Use data cloud integrations to speed time to market and maximize impact while growing your community.


Powering Media Innovation

“At Disney, we’re setting a market standard for data accountability. As part of that process, we’ve engaged with Habu and Snowflake to support in expediting and scaling our Clean Room Data offering.”

Lisa Valentino, EVP Client Solutions and Addressable Enablement, Disney Advertising


Maximize your media data options

Collaborate Across Portfolios

Combine first-party signals with second-party data to offer partners more valuable services.

Integrate With Existing Investments

Enhance your existing data and technology investments. Habu data clean room software works easily with other solutions and can scale to hundreds of partners.

Scale And Monetize

Expand your solutions, deepen partner relationships and grow revenue potential with your own clean room.


Move Into the Media-future With Data

Become part of a robust ecosystem of providers leading the way in secure data collaboration. Habu makes building your own data clean room easy and accessible. Act on emerging industry trends. Monetize your data assets. And give your advertisers and partners the power to reach their audiences more effectively.

Habu: State of Data Collaboration Report
2024 Report

The State of Data Collaboration

Understand what’s happening in data collaboration in today’s privacy-first world

Grow Your Opportunities With Collaborative Intelligence