What Are The Different Types of Data Clean Rooms?

There are two primary types of data clean rooms: media clean rooms and partner clean rooms.

The most common media clean rooms today are those within the Walled Gardens, such as Google Ads Data Hub (ADH), Facebook Advanced Analytics (FAA), and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC).

Media data clean rooms are most commonly used by brands that spend significant budget within the Walled Gardens to enable them to access user-level data that is only available within those clean room environments.

Partner data clean rooms are often leveraged by two partnering brands (for example, a CPG and retail company or a publisher and advertiser) to safely share data assets; each party has full control on which data can be shared, for how long, and for what use case.

In a constantly evolving privacy landscape, media and partner clean rooms are one solution for traditional use cases such as targeting, measurement, and advanced insights. At the same time, they are opening up a treasure trove of new opportunities and business benefits for brands to pursue.

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