Snowflake And Habu

Accelerate the creation and use of clean rooms within Snowflake Data Cloud, the largest collaboration ecosystem.


The ultimate data clean room platform for privacy and scalability

Enable safe, scalable, and intelligent collaboration with your partners in today’s privacy-first world. Run Habu data clean room software natively in the world’s leading multi-cloud data platform, with end-to-end automation and easy to use tools.

Key Capabilities

Power clean room use cases with Habu software on Snowflake Data Cloud

Fastest growing ecosystem

Access rich datasets and a growing partner network with a joint Habu and Snowflake solution. From Snowflake’s industry-specific offerings like Media and Retail Data Clouds and growing data marketplace to Habu’s ability to seamlessly onboard new sources in your ecosystem, you can collaborate using more data, more easily.

No data movement, native integration

Customize data clean rooms in Snowflake running Habu as a native application right in your environment. With Habu on Snowflake, your data always stays in place while the software orchestrates multi-party workflows for secure collaboration.

Enterprise-grade privacy and governance

Control how data is accessed and used with Habu’s adaptive governance framework. Designed to work with evolving regulations, our privacy and governance settings let you define the level of transparency and privacy with your partners while maintaining data security.

Enhanced user experience

Speed time to insight with Habu’s no-code and low-code tools that empower business users and data science teams. Whether you use out-of-the-box, automated queries in plain language or craft your own analysis. Scale Snowflake clean rooms with the click of a button or an API call.

Business outcome-oriented

Tap into end-to-end automation for any business use case. From uncovering consumer insights, to driving campaign activation, to enriching machine learning models, and more.

Customer Testimonials

Disney accelerates data collaboration with Habu and Snowflake

“At Disney, we’re setting a market standard for data accountability. As part of that process, we’ve engaged with Habu and Snowflake to support in expediting and scaling our Clean Room Data offering.”

Lisa Valentino, EVP Client Solutions and Addressable Enablement, Disney Advertising

“We’re looking for a clean and safe place to operate a clean room. Our clients want to bring their data and merge it with our data. Obviously, both companies want it to be in a safe and protected way. We’re looking for Habu and Snowflake to give us the capability in order to do that.”

Nick Hamilton, VP, Engineering, Kroger 84.51°


Where Data Collaboration is Headed with Habu

Explore how Habu and Snowflake are working together to accelerate clean room protected data collaboration.

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