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Unlock decentralized data in a smart, safe, scalable, and simple way. The Habu data clean room platform.

Data Clean Room Software

One interface, limitless insight

Harness the power of decentralized data from a single privacy-protected intelligence platform. Tap into Habu’s extensive library of use cases and sophisticated queries for more robust answers to your most pressing business questions.


Smart. Simple. Scalable. Safe. Advanced insights demand outstanding tools. Habu delivers a single interface for unlimited data clean rooms.

Improve your business outcomes with seamless, secure access to actionable insights. Expand the data sources you can draw from. Work with a wider range of data right where it lives. And take advantage of Habu’s cloud and API interoperability to easily manage workflows, integrate with existing tools, and streamline accessing the collaborative intelligence that will take your business to the next level.


unrivaled intelligence, clear decisions

Find answers to any business question, working with intelligence that can flex to any data source, any tool, and any user.

Collaborative intelligence

Use Case Flexibility

Author and implement any use case — from uncovering consumer insights to automating campaign activation to enriching machine learning models.

Get smart, fast

Use Habu’s growing query library to quickly start unlocking new intelligence. You can also build your own queries tailored to your business needs.

Empower business users

Get answers to business questions with a simple, intuitive user experience, plain-language queries, and visualizations that make collaborative intelligence easy for anyone.

Collaborate with trust

Count on built-in privacy and governance. Leverage privacy preserving techniques in a platform designed for security and compliance—across every step of your collaboration journey.

No Data Movement

Connect to data at its source and enforce the highest security and privacy standards. Neither you or your partners have to copy, transform, or send data anywhere.

Secure Processing

Protect sensitive inputs and guarantee that collaboration outputs maintain privacy and are fit for purpose. Use cloud-native protocols to enable multi-party computation (MPC) and secure processing.

Adaptive Governance

Ensure sensitive data is secured and strong policies and permissions control who can see or take action on clean room datasets. Minimize data used and ensure use case alignment and compliance with evolving regulations.

Collaborate with trust

The Only 100% Interoperable Platform

With Habu, you have a solution that works well with others. Whatever your data source, cloud environment, or media platform, you can easily connect and collaborate.


Extend Your Tech Stack

Increase the impact of your tech investments. Habu integrates with any cloud, media platform, or identity partner.

Frictionless Onboarding

Get started quickly and invite partners to collaborate without a heavy technical lift. Habu APIs natively integrate with other technology stacks for fast time to value.

Complete Automation

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and use collaborative intelligence with automated workflows. Schedule jobs. Build pipelines. Work with APIs or use automation from the intuitive UI.


Built for business users and data scientists

Make collaborative intelligence accessible across your organization. Habu’s low-code and no-code options allow technical teams or business users to design queries as plain language questions and uncover key data patterns. With Habu, the power of more data is right at everyone’s fingertips.

No-code UI

No-code UI

Give anyone in your organization the ability to enable complex logic, policies, and controls with the intuitive Habu user interface. A library of plain language and visualizations empower business users to accelerate time to value.

Works Well With Other Clean Rooms

Drive better outcomes by tapping into insights from other data sources such as walled gardens and private clean rooms. Pre-built use case packages enable business users to easily unlock valuable data signals.
Access data
Guided workflows

Guided Workflows

Make it easier to orchestrate complex workflows and approval processes, all within the Habu UI. Now your data insights can truly drive actions that matter to you and your partners.

Bottling factory conveyor belt
Habu Collaborative Intelligence for decentralized data

“Our clean room offering through Habu allows us to get value out of our investment in digital and data and make sure the investment is performing at its best. At PepsiCo, our focus is to drive better decisions and empower associates with optimal best actions. Our work with Habu allows us to deliver a best-in-class end-to-end solution as we continue to solidify our position as an innovator and leader in the market.”

Mark Risis, VP of Strategy & Global Ecosystem


Customize your clean room or work with others

Whether you are looking to develop custom clean room offerings or are seeking exclusive data from other clean rooms, Habu makes data collaboration accessible to all.

Data Clean Room Owners

Tailor your own data clean room for others to access.

Data Clean Room Collaborators

Uncover trends and outcomes leveraging data from other clean rooms.


Outcomes-driven. Results-oriented.

Discover what Habu can do for your organization. Answer your most pressing questions. Uncover new opportunities. And discover how rich, secure data is the key to unprecedented growth.


Data collaboration for your needs


Uncover market trends from strategic partners for deeper analysis, richer profiles, better targeting, and closed loop attribution.


Securely share transaction data, eliminate risk concerns, and forge new revenue streams and partnerships.


Deliver value for advertisers across the campaign lifecycle with sophisticated insights for planning, activation, and measurement.


Transform patient outcomes by securely sharing and analyzing a wide range of healthcare datasets.

Financial Services

Improve fraud detection, enhance the customer experience, optimize customer profiling, and drive growth


Facilitate franchise and segment-level revenue growth with strategies to optimize loyalty, promotions, bookings, and pricing.


Personalize experiences and maximize engagement with better customer understanding that informs product and service innovation.


Use data clean rooms to inform manufacturing and marketing investments that drive advantage.

Get Smarter With Collaborative Intelligence