Healthcare and Life Sciences

Better Care With Secure Collaboration

Drug development and clinical treatment decisions require new privacy‑preserving technologies to maximize the value of data and comply with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations. With Habu, companies can confidently collaborate with patient level data while protecting privacy and sensitive information.
Healthcare Life Sciences

Advance Privacy-Preserving Innovation

When it comes to developing and promoting life-saving drugs, knowledge is power. Habu gives healthcare and life science companies that power by putting information-rich, granular, compliant data at your fingertips. With built-in safety features, we preserve privacy so you can focus on advancing medicine.
Data Collaboration Playbook

Connect Signals Across Patient Journeys

Most pharmaceutical sales happen in person–away from where most marketing and advertising occurs. By aggregating data from multiple sources, healthcare and life sciences can stitch together signals online and offline to better understand how drugs reach patients.

A Unified View for Premium Data

Collaborate Safely and Easily

Give or gain access to data securely. Habu’s clean room enables you to maintain compliance with major privacy regulations to reduce time-to-insights without sacrificing data privacy and confidentiality.

Capitalize on Your Clinical Datasets

Maximize your return on investment for developing and testing new drugs by enabling secure collaboration using your research data without ever having to move it.

Interoperable with Walled Gardens

Habu integrates seamlessly with Amazon, Google, and other walled gardens. No matter where the data lives, we put it at your fingertips.

Quantify Your Impact on Drug Sales

Clarify And Amplify Conversion Signals

Partner with e-commerce or retail media to better understand the behavior of patients and providers. Get even closer to transaction-level data, both digital and offline.

Collaborate on Clinical Research Data

Improve Pharmaceutical R&D with Data Sharing

Accelerate clinical research by collaborating on data securely with clinics and care providers.

Understand How Ads Impact Drug Sales

Use Habu data clean room software to track the performance of drug advertising campaigns targeting practitioners.


Move Into The Healthcare Future With Data

Become part of a robust ecosystem of providers leading the way in secure data collaboration. Customize your clean room for safe collaboration at scale. Access walled gardens easily. And give advertisers and partners the power to reach their audiences more effectively.
Habu: State of Data Collaboration Report
2024 Report

The State of Data Collaboration

Understand what’s happening in data collaboration in today’s privacy-first world

Grow your impact with collaborative intelligence.