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Drive Growth with Frictionless Access to Insights

Habu data clean room software helps consumer packaged goods companies navigate increasingly fragmented and complex consumer data. Unlock consumer insights to inform planning, segmentation, and activation. Maximize media efficiency. And grow customer lifetime value with expanded datasets and collaborative intelligence.
Habu for CPG

Clean Rooms for CPG Companies

As third-party data disappears, enhancing how you use first- and second-party data is essential for reaching audience segments and optimizing multi-channel user journeys. Habu data clean room software lets you bring together online and offline purchase data and second-party insights for a more complete and cost-effective understanding of your consumers.
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Put data power in business user hands

Walled gardens provide access to rich, nuanced data but most demand advanced technical skills to get real value. Habu data clean room software makes it easier to put consumer insights at your team’s fingertips. Gain a better understanding of consumer behavior running incrementality tests with Habu.

Customer Journeys are Complex. Use Habu to Connect the Dots.

Get insights more cost effectively

Legacy clean room platforms can be expensive to manage. With Habu, you can tap into more data sets, more efficiently.

Unlock insights about consumers and media

Tap into broader data sets to better understand the omni channel customer journey and how your media is performing. Adapt to the changing landscape and expand your digital capabilities with more intelligence on consumer signals, preferences, and engagement.

Give business users better access

Empower your team with easy-to-use access to data clean room capabilities. Habu can be used without coding by business users.
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“Our clean room offering through Habu allows us to get value out of our investment in digital and data and make sure the investment is performing at its best. At PepsiCo, our focus is to drive better decisions and empower associates with optimal best actions. Our work with Habu allows us to deliver a best-in-class end-to-end solution as we continue to solidify our position as an innovator and leader in the market.”

Mark Risis, VP of Strategy & Global Ecosystem
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Expand your perspective

Transactional Data

Access Transaction Data

Bring transaction data into your analytics more easily and cost-effectively. By providing access to granular information on customers’ shopping habits, Habu enables you to reach, expand, and deepen your audience relationships with better, more qualified messaging.

Deeper Insights

Work Smarter With Deeper Insights

Understand the impact of each channel on the customer experience and your bottom line. Guide decision-making with deeper data-driven insights.

Media Investments

Optimize Media Investments

Probe user data to sharpen your investments. Quantify your returns across each partner and walled garden, stretch your media spend further, reduce waste, and drive customer purchases.


A Solution Designed For Collaboration

Habu works across the ecosystem of walled gardens and data clouds to unify conversion signals, both online and offline. Our broad partner network enables us to help you better understand behavior with data that’s safe, scalable, and simple to use.
Common Questions

Get Answers About Data Clean Rooms

How can a clean room help me with pre-planning and insights?

Implement data collaboration with media partners to discover ways to enrich customer profiles and gain a more complete picture of consumers to deliver more relevant messaging and experiences.
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Supercharge acquisition and retention by building more robust audiences with high quality data from strategic partners in a clean room environment. Seamlessly go from insights to activation to improve targeting and conversion rates and reduce wasted media spend.

Use Habu’s library of pre-built queries to automate reach and frequency reporting or build your own custom queries to answer the questions that matter most to your business, like incremental performance.

With Habu, you can merge household-level behavioral data with retailer purchase data in clean rooms. This enables CPG data science teams to execute machine learning without the model owner accessing the data or the data owner accessing the machine learning model.

Data Collaboration Playbook

Data Collaboration Playbook

Learn what a data clean room is and how marketers use them for data enrichment, segmentation and targeting, and media measurement.

Get smarter with collaborative intelligence.