Expand Your Data Opportunities

Do more with your valuable data assets and expand collaboration possibilities with your partners and customers using Habu data clean room software. It’s fully interoperable, flexible, secure, scalable, and ready to help you grow your business.


Boost Your Collaborative Intelligence

Deliver a secure data-sharing experience with interoperability and scalability that lets you collaborate with anyone, anywhere – all without moving your data or creating a separate solution for each customer or partner.

Allow others to access your valuable data without compromising security

Extend your tech stack by capitalizing on one of your most powerful assets — data. Open up opportunities for others to securely access the insights in your rich data sets. Establish your brand as a trusted source for powerful insights. And create new ways to grow together.
Key Features

Designed for Secure Access


Enable 100% Interoperability

Habu is the only data clean room solution that works across all platforms, including data clouds, identity solutions, and walled gardens. With greater flexibility, you save time and resources by eliminating the need to customize solutions for each customer or partner.

Collaborate With Trust

Enjoy peace of mind when collaborating with outside parties with maximum security standards built in. Our clean room software works with data where it lives and an adaptive governance framework ensures optimal compliance and privacy protection.

Operate at Scale

Use automation to grow your data business and help partners gain insights from your data. Unlock Collaborative Intelligence at scale with a platform that provides a single interface for unlimited clean rooms and supports any use case.

Answer More Questions

Grow your use cases and support more collaborations with built-in templates and the ability to create custom models for unique business needs. No matter your industry or business model, Habu can help you make the most of your data.

Empower Business Users

With a highly intuitive user interface, Habu makes it possible for business users to get answers to their most pressing questions. Thus allowing data scientists to focus on more complex analysis.
Featured Partners

A Solution Designed for Collaboration

From major data clouds and leading activation platforms to data and identity companies, Habu works across the ecosystem to help organizations realize the full potential of their datasets. Whether you’re looking to expand your partnerships or do more with existing investments, we make it easy.

Solutions for Your Team

Product Managers

Accelerate your product development timeline. Gain insight about customer preferences to bring new offerings to market quickly.


Build secure data collaboration offerings without scale limitations.

Data Scientists

Create robust, custom queries and explore your data, your way. Habu streamlines and secures the process.


Accelerate time-to-insight and find answers to your most pressing questions with an easy-to-use interface.

“We’re looking for a clean and safe place to operate a clean room. Our clients want to bring their data and merge it with our data. Obviously, both companies want it to be in a safe and protected way. We’re looking for Habu and Snowflake to give us the capability in order to do that.”

Nick Hamilton, VP, Engineering, Kroger 84.51°


One Platform, a Multitude of Uses

Whatever you are trying to accomplish with data, Habu can help you get there. Find answers to pressing consumer behavior questions. Uncover new product development opportunities. Rich, secure data fuels explosive growth.
  • Consumer Insights
  • Data & Model Enrichment
  • Segmentation & Private Activation
  • Optimization & Measurement

Get Smarter With Collaborative Intelligence