Financial Services

Build trust by tapping into secure data signals

Modernize your marketing strategies and open up new data perspectives while preserving compliance and security. Habu data clean room software enables deeper insights without the need for data movement. Optimize your efforts, complement existing investments, and reduce risk with first-party data and enhanced data collaboration potential.

Habu for Financial Services

More Collaboration, Less Risk

Habu data clean room software gives you an impactful way to improve pricing models, product recommendations, and marketing tactics, while reducing fraud, anti-money laundering (AML), and risky business practices. Leverage first-party data more effectively without the risk of data movement. And tap into data signals that maintain privacy and aren’t dependent on tracking cookies.

Future of data Collaboration

Streamline and Secure Your Workflows

In a world where you have access to fewer data resources and maintaining customer trust is paramount, data clean rooms offer a safer way to do more with your data. With Habu, matching data no longer requires hops to different providers. All analytics can be done within your clean room where you have complete control.


Power Data-Driven Marketing Safely

Do right by customers

Give your customers the experiences and services they want. Build trust by discovering deeper needs while protecting their privacy.

Market smarter with new digital tools

Uncover new audiences and new ways to connect with privacy-minded approaches that streamline and simplify workflows.

Enhance your competitive advantage

Know your customers and strengthen your relationships and offerings with insights that set your financial institution apart.
Privacy and Governance Built In
Security and Compliance

A platform designed for privacy

Habu data clean room software is built on the highest security and privacy standards. With no data movement and secure processing through confidential computing, you have the confidence that all inputs and outputs maintain privacy. Our adaptive governance incorporates strong policies and permission controls that minimize data used and comply with the latest regulatory requirements.


A data approach for the future

Find Privacy-Preserving Insights

Tap into new, cookie-less data signals, integrate offline attributes, and gather valuable digital insights on prospects and customers with full privacy protection.

Develop partners outside of core banking

Develop Partners Outside Of Core Banking

Create a more robust view of prospect and customer life stage by tapping into partners outside of core banking, including offline segmentation.

Avoid retargeting the same audiences

Avoid Retargeting The Same Audiences

Minimize targeting existing customers and reduce retargeting the same prospects too many times by using collaborative insights to maximize activation.


An Opportunity to Advance

It’s easy to get started with Habu data clean room software. We work with major data clouds, activation platforms, and walled gardens, so you can make the most of your existing resources and investments more efficiently. Whether you want to better understand customer life stages or grow your base of account holders while maintaining privacy and trust, Habu is the answer.

Habu: State of Data Collaboration Report
2024 Report

The State of Data Collaboration

Understand what’s happening in data collaboration in today’s privacy-first world

Build trust with collaborative intelligence.