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Take advantage of actionable insights backed by the power of partner data to supercharge your marketing impact.
Habu for marketers

Revolutionize Your Approach To Digital Marketing

Fast-track business growth and increase ROAS with the industry’s only fully interoperable data clean room platform. You’ll uncover a more complete picture of your customers, empowering you to optimize advertising and media spending across all channels.


Unify insights, activation, and measurement across advertising channels, retail media networks, and other partners.

Broad Capabilities

Increase the impact of your Marketing efforts while simplifying your MarTech/AdTech technology stack.

Privacy & Security

Unlock collaborative intelligence while safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining consumer trust.


Data proliferation has created information silos that exist across technologies and cloud infrastructures. To overcome the data engineering expertise needed to unlock insights, some cloud vendors have introduced data clean room offerings that provide basic functionality when all data resides on the same cloud or in the same region.

Habu facilitates interoperability for data clean rooms running on disparate infrastructure by unifying the configurations, workflows, interfaces, and languages for a more robust perspective and a consistent user experience. Pre-built connections to your most important channels and partners overcome differences in technical implementation to reduce fragmentation, simplify your tech stack, and streamline approvals and processes to derive insights faster.


Unify Insights

Orchestrate clean rooms from walled gardens, major retailers, media/CTV channels, identity/activation platforms, and more.

Activate Anywhere

Directly and securely activate audiences across a wide variety of partners from your Habu clean room.

Templatize Queries

Browse, develop, and reuse natural language queries across datasets, clean rooms, and organizations.

Drive Consistent Measurement

Compare results across all channels for more effective decisions, with KPIs and alerts for proactive adjustments.

HabuCollab Partner Network

Providing Seamless Interoperability Across A Vast Ecosystem Of Partners

HabuCollab partner network

Privacy & Security

New privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR and CCPA/CPRA) and major technology changes such as third-party cookie deprecation restrict the collection and usage of individual and event-level data. This forces major operational changes to tried and true marketing use cases for consumer insight, targeting, and measurement.

Habu helps Marketing teams evolve their workflows in this privacy-first era, while setting a new standard for security. The platform incorporates best practices for data ingestion, encryption, and secure processing, plus advanced privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), to protect data, models, and personal identifiable information (PII).

Maintain Trust

Choose the specific data and models to share and control how they’re used.

Protect Sensitive Data

Process workloads inside a trusted execution environment backed by confidential computing.

Minimize Data Movement

Connect to data at its source – no more duplicating data, infrastructure, or code and creating unnecessary risks.

Conceal Consumer Identity

Configure thresholds for k-anonymity, Laplacian noise injection, tokenization, encryption, and more.


No Data Movement

  • Read data at its source
  • Enforce row & column level filtering policies
  • Tokenize all sensitive identifiers
  • Access only the minimum data required for analysis

Confidential Computing

  • Encrypt data from end-to-end (at rest, in transit, and in use)
  • Process data in Trusted Execution Environment
  • Execute multiparty queries

Privacy Enhancing Technology

  • Inject Laplace noise into query results
  • Enforce k-anonymity with configurable thresholds

Broad Capabilities

Constant changes in consumer preferences, competition, and business models are the norm for marketing teams. Many attempt to keep pace by deploying one-trick products that only build audiences, or only activate channels, or only measure effectiveness. This ever-expanding technology stack forces new operating procedures and complex workarounds.

Habu makes it easy to focus on the areas that matter today, then expand usage for more advanced use cases in different parts of the business. The flexibility of the platform simplifies the process of identifying a high-value audience, activating it across the optimal channels, and measuring the results – all in one place.


Enable Different Users

Toggle between a no-code experience for general users and a low-code interface for more technical teams.

Remain Future Proof

Support new use cases, advance data-driven strategies, and keep pace with innovation.

Leverage AI & Machine Learning

Train and maintain powerful models or generate advanced insights using new, high-value partner datasets.

Replace Multiple Products

Simplify your AdTech/MarTech stack and marketing workflows with a unified platform that does it all.



Uncover previously inaccessible information about your customers and their path to purchase.

Segmentation & Activation

Understand overlaps across major publishers and media platforms, then directly activate first-party audiences.



Analyze campaign performance to the most granular level, within and across all environments.

Customer Success

ASICS leverages Habu’s incrementality capabilities to drive global sales

A global sports and apparel brand selling into markets around the world, ASICS turned to Habu for a flexible, tailored incrementality solution that would enable the company to optimize its advertising impact across geographies. With Habu, ASICS now has a much greater ability to identify incremental revenue streams by leveraging Habu’s innovative experimentation techniques and industry-leading clean room solution.
ASICS sneaker

“Habu has revolutionized our approach to data analysis. The ability to effortlessly integrate data from multiple sources has allowed us to unlock insights and identify trends that were previously hidden in silos. As a result, we have enhanced our measurement capabilities, enabling us to make informed decisions that drive business growth.”

Devin McGuire, Manager of Global Performance Marketing

How it Works

Concise Workflow From Insights To Activation To Measurement

How it works video screenshot
  1. Connect to your first-party data, where it lives, with native connectors.
  2. Establish a data clean room with pre-built connectors to your most important channels and partners, and invite partners to participate.
  3. Find answers to questions using a library of pre-packaged, configurable, natural language queries. Or, easily build your own.
  4. Execute queries to match partner data across cloud environments. Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) protect sensitive data from human eyes.
  5. Automate queries to run as needed and make up-to-date data always available.
  6. Set alerts to proactively report on KPI progress and flag campaigns that need attention.
  7. Activate user lists across a wide variety of activation channels with direct integration.
  8. Measure results with Habu’s embedded business intelligence environment. or export data to your BI tool of choice.

Habu provides a user experience that makes it easy for marketers to get the insights they need from walled garden and partner clean rooms – all from a single portal. Want to see how this works? 


Want to Learn More?

Whether you’re just learning about data collaboration or are turning up data clean rooms with key partners, we have the resources to advance your knowledge and promote best practices.

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