Google Cloud And Habu

Empower companies with a secure environment where rich data can be analyzed and processed without the risk of breaches or unauthorized access.

The secure clean room platform for frictionless collaboration

Enable safe, scalable, and intelligent collaboration with your partners in today’s privacy-first world. The native integration between Habu and Google BigQuery democratizes clean room access to accelerate business growth for brands.

Key Capabilities

Power clean room use cases with Habu software on Google Cloud

Fully Interoperable

Securely and seamlessly collaborate with companies of all types and sizes, within and across cloud environments, for maximum collaboration opportunities within the data ecosystem.

Native integration

Orchestrate multi-party workflows for secure and frictionless collaboration in Habu clean room applications running natively in Google BigQuery – all without ever moving or copying data.

Complete privacy and governance

Develop and implement the desired level of privacy controls with each partner while maintaining maximum data security and governance.

Intuitive user experience

Accelerate time to value with a flexible framework and automated intelligence to develop proprietary, privacy-preserving workflows for both business users and data science teams across a spectrum of use cases.


Secure and privacy-centric sharing with data clean rooms in BigQuery

“We are thrilled to be among the first to work within the BigQuery and Habu environment. The ability to safely and securely access and analyze more data, without tapping into data science resources, has empowered us to better understand our customers and measure the true impact of our marketing activities.”

Shenan Reed, SVP Head of Media, L’Oréal

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