Databricks And Habu

Build on the power of the Databricks Lakehouse to orchestrate multi-cloud, multi-party collaboration for advanced analytic, AI, and ML use cases.

The Clean Room For Next-Generation Customer Experiences

Enable safe, scalable, and intelligent collaboration with your partners in today’s privacy-first world. Leverage Databricks Delta Sharing to share models, training code, and data, while protecting your assets in highly secure clean rooms.

Habu is the 2023 Databricks Marketplace Communications, Media and Entertainment Partner of the Year. 

Key Capabilities

Power Clean Room Use Cases With Habu Software On The Databricks Lakehouse

Fully Interoperable, With No Data Movement

Collaborate with customers and partners across clouds, across regions, and even across data platforms. Data always stays in place while Habu orchestrates workflows for secure collaboration.

Flexibility For Collaborative Data Science

Discover more data to develop, train, and run machine learning models. Run complex computations and workloads on shared data using SQL, Python, R, Spark, Scala, and other data science tools and libraries.

Enterprise-Grade Privacy And Governance

Control how much data is shared and used with Habu’s adaptive governance framework. Define the level of transparency with partners to maintain data privacy and security, and work within evolving regulations.

Multi-Party Collaboration

Realize the full power of Databricks Delta Sharing to simultaneously work with multiple data and service provider partners for consumer insights, audience segmentation, private activation, optimization and measurement, and more.

Optimized User Experience

Speed time to insight with pre-written analytics for common business use cases. Data science teams can utilize powerful APIs and code in multiple languages to develop advanced analytics and integrations.


Habu Partners with Databricks to Bring Cross-Platform Interoperable Data Clean Rooms

“The native integration of our platforms will allow for seamless collaboration without moving or copying data through Delta Sharing, while ensuring that our customers are able to honor their commitment to user privacy.”

Jay Bhankharia, Sr. Director of Data Partnerships, Databricks


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