Deepen Your Understanding

Access data from across the customer journey to learn more about your audience, where to reach them, and how they connect with your brand in the wider world. Understanding intent is everything.
Insights for marketers

Expand Your Insights

Understand share of wallet and the customer journey by combining first- and second-party data. Obtain new behavior signals from multiple sources, such as media companies, retailers, and brands.

Broaden Your Perspective

Move beyond first-party data to get a more complete picture of consumer behaviors.

Understand The Journey

Close customer journey gaps with high-value data signals from partners.

Go Deeper

Get more granular insights by comparing first-party data to external sources.

Deliver Better Experiences

Offer effective experiences that match your customers’ needs and preferences.
Consumer insights
Embedded Analytics

Uncover More Opportunities

Habu includes an extensive library of pre-built queries to uncover previously inaccessible information about your customers and their path to purchase.
Media reach and frequency


Access data from walled garden providers such as Amazon Marketing Cloud, Google Ads Data Hub, and Facebook Advanced Analytics, as well as major retailers and media partners such as Disney and LinkedIn. With Habu, you can easily combine insights across all of your digital channels to get a complete picture of consumers, enrich customer profiles, and ultimately deliver more relevant messaging and experiences.

Match Rate

Exposure by Segment

Audience Index

Inventory Summary

Viewing/Exposure Behavior

Share of Impressions

Retail Transactions

As the retail industry embraces a privacy-first mindset, Habu empowers CPG companies and retailers to safely collaborate to drive mutually beneficial business growth while protecting the privacy of consumers and the rights of data owners. With Habu, retailers can securely share transaction-level data with CPG companies to forge new revenue streams and deeper relationships with their CPG partners, who in turn can unlock premium conversion signals for deeper insights, richer profiles, better targeting, and increased customer loyalty.
retail transactions

Sales by Segment

Channel Purchase Behavior

Customer Retention

Basket Analysis

Share of Wallet/⁢Category

Customer Purchase Behavior

Customer Location/⁢Proximity to Store

Product Sales

Lifetime Value


A Different Type of Insight

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