Gain business advantage with access to better data

Enrich your customer perspective to advance your business strategies. Habu allows you to collaborate with leading data owners to reach your objectives.

Expand your Collaborative Intelligence

Make the most of your business investments by securely leveraging the world’s richest datasets. Achieve greater visibility into marketing performance and customer profiles with an intuitive, business-friendly tool that can help you make smarter decisions.

Habu clean room software unlocks a gateway to premium data and the tools to drive greater return.

Put the power of unique datasets at your fingertips with built-in query templates that speed time to insight. Tap into actionable information from walled gardens or other private clean rooms and leverage automation to analyze data at scale.
Key Features

Make it Easy to Dig Deeper


Take advantage of full interoperability

Access more data sources and work with existing tools. Habu is the only data clean room software that works across walled gardens, data clouds, and private clean rooms to give you all the options you need for collaborative intelligence.

Designed for business users

Get the flexibility to ask business questions in simple language and generate powerful results. From the easy user interface to intuitive visualizations, Habu’s low-code and no-code capabilities make the power of data accessible to all.

Tap into ready-to-use templates

Unlock deep insights with the help of Habu’s out-of-the box templates and support for any use case – at scale. Enhance what you know about customer behavior and opportunities.

Easily access walled gardens and more

Leverage unique datasets to take your business to the next level . Collaborate with some of the world’s largest brands via private clean rooms and walled gardens, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Automate your workflows

Speed time to insight with automated workflows that provide an end-to-end solution and enable you to operationalize business changes at scale
Featured Partners

A Solution Designed for Collaboration

From private clean rooms, walled gardens and leading activation platforms to data and identity companies and major clouds, Habu works across the ecosystem to help you discover deeper insights. Whether you’re looking for more granular detail or want to explore new markets, we make it easy to identify opportunities.
Customer Story

A global beauty brand uses Habu to uncover actionable insights in Amazon data


Monthly Campaign Over-Delivery Discovered And Re-Allocated to Productive Media


Of  Budget Optimized  by Reducing Overlap Between Brands & Tactics


Monthly Time Savings through Self-Serve AMC Query Automation

Use Cases

One Platform, A Multitude of Uses

Whatever you are trying to accomplish with data, Habu can help you get there. Find answers to pressing consumer behavior questions. Uncover new product development opportunities. Rich, secure data fuels explosive growth.
  • Consumer Insights
  • Data & Model Enrichment
  • Segmentation & Private Activation
  • Optimization & Measurement
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The State of Data Collaboration

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