Collaborative Intelligence for Decentralized Data

Unlock insights without moving data. Avoid compromising privacy. Fuel better business decisions.

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Trusted by the world’s smartest brands


3X the economic benefit of sharing data externally*
* Gartner


7 of 10 companies expect data collaboration to increase in the next year


78% of companies plan data collaboration with other businesses in the next year
Habu and Databricks

Habu is the 2023 Databricks Marketplace Communications, Media and Entertainment Partner of the Year.

What We Do

The Platform for Modern Data Collaboration


Drive business impact across a range of use cases and get answers to any question using any tool and any data source. Easily get started with out-of-the box queries – in plain language.


Work seamlessly with your partners using a fully interoperable platform. Our automation and APIs maximize your efficiencies and your investments.


Protect consumer privacy, your data, and your IP. Habu enforces the highest security and privacy standards so you can enable collaborative intelligence without data movement or introducing risk.


Ideal for business users and flexible for technical teams. The Habu data clean room platform delivers an intuitive user interface and low-code options for an easy gateway into a world of insights.

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“Habu has revolutionized our approach to data analysis. The ability to effortlessly integrate data from multiple sources has allowed us to unlock insights and identify trends that were previously hidden in silos. As a result, we have enhanced our measurement capabilities, enabling us to make informed decisions that drive business growth.”

Devin McGuire, Manager of Global Performance Marketing

Use Cases

Unlock New Possibilities With Habu

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

See the full customer journey and better understand intent with expanded, protected data.

Advanced Segmentation Activation

Advanced Segmentation & Activation​

Automate segmentation and seamlessly activate across channels.

Optimization and Measurement

Optimization & Measurement​

Make the most of your investments and channels with robust attribution and lookbacks.

Data and Model Enrichment

Data & Model Enrichment​

Boost model potential and power deeper customer profiles at scale.


For Those With Data to Share and Those Seeking Insights

Customize your data clean room

Provide customers and partners data clean room experiences that enable collaborative intelligence, while maintaining full control of your data. No data movement. Easy-to-use building blocks. Proven scale and flexibility.

Habu Collaborative Intelligence for decentralized data
Habu Collaborative Intelligence for decentralized data

Gain insights across any clean room

Transform your business  with actionable insights drawn from a variety of data sources—from private clean rooms to walled gardens. A wide range of use cases. Out-of-the box analysis . No coding needed.


Works Well With Others

Habu works with a wide range of collaborators across the ecosystem including leading platforms for activation, data and identity companies, agencies and consultancies, and major clouds. Fast-track business growth with a platform that integrates with your existing tools and technology investments.

Featured Certifications

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Habu Collaborative Intelligence for decentralized data
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Featured Partner
Habu Collaborative Intelligence for decentralized data

Secure collaboration at scale

Deliver a next-generation data clean room platform purpose-built for the most demanding enterprises.

Featured Partner

Clean Rooms for Next-Gen CX

Enable smarter business decisions quickly and at scale with interoperable data clean rooms within the Databricks Lakehouse.

Industries We Serve

Data collaboration for your needs


Uncover market trends from strategic partners for deeper analysis, richer profiles, better targeting, and closed loop attribution.


Securely share transaction data, eliminate risk concerns, and forge new revenue streams and partnerships.


Deliver value for advertisers across the campaign lifecycle with sophisticated insights for planning, activation, and measurement.


Transform patient outcomes by securely sharing and analyzing a wide range of healthcare datasets.

Financial Services

Improve fraud detection, enhance the customer experience, optimize customer profiling, and drive growth


Facilitate franchise and segment-level revenue growth with strategies to optimize loyalty, promotions, bookings, and pricing.


Personalize experiences and maximize engagement with better customer understanding that informs product and service innovation.


Use data clean rooms to inform manufacturing and marketing investments that drive advantage.

Habu: State of Data Collaboration Report

The State of Data Collaboration

Understand what’s happening in data collaboration in today’s privacy-first world

Get Smarter With Collaborative Intelligence