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The next generation data and analytics company for distributed marketing systems.

The “platform” approach is obsolete.

Habu is built for the 2020’s. We provide business-first modular solutions that deliver instant impact for brands.

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New Perspectives for an Ever Changing Market

Say Hello to Habu!20200207162754

Say Hello to Habu!

Matt KilmartinFebruary 7, 202027
I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Habu, the first marketing data operating system that enables brands to build a durable...
The Realities of Extracting Value From Your Marketing Data20200820030000

The Realities of Extracting Value From Your Marketing Data

Brian KempfAugust 20, 20201
Quick Hits: Massive amounts of marketing data create a morass of challenges within a business that require experienced engine...
Standard Segmentation versus Automated Segmentation20200728060000

Standard Segmentation versus Automated Segmentation

Brian KempfJuly 28, 20205
Quick Hits Standard segmentation requires a high level of knowledge and foresight to predict audience value and will often mi...
1:50 Is The New 1:1; Cohorts Emerge As The New Currency20200721104249

1:50 Is The New 1:1; Cohorts Emerge As The New Currency

Jessica TanseyJuly 21, 20202
Ecosystem changes are forcing brands to adapt their marketing strategies. Tried and true marketing strategies will be serious...