We enable brands to extend their current marketing technology to build a durable data foundation, discover actionable insights, and deliver personalization across any channel. Simply put, Habu helps turn consumers into customers. 

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New Perspectives for an Ever Changing Market

Say Hello to Habu!20200207162754

Say Hello to Habu!

Matt KilmartinFebruary 7, 20205
I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Habu, the first marketing data operating system that enables brands to build a durable...
Habu — The why and the what of the industry’s first Marketing Data OS20200213144049

Habu — The why and the what of the industry’s first Marketing Data OS

Vivek VaidyaFebruary 13, 202019
“Another one?” “Really?” That was my inner monologue as we were discussing whether to jump in the fray — again — and launch y...
Brands Can Overcome Today’s Technical Challenges20200207153350

Brands Can Overcome Today’s Technical Challenges

Mike MoreauFebruary 7, 20208
Marketing today is hard. Doing it well is becoming nearly impossible. In the days when communicating with consumers involved ...