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The next generation data and analytics company for distributed marketing systems.

The “platform” approach is obsolete.

Habu is built for the 2020’s. We provide business-first modular solutions that deliver instant impact for brands.

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Visibility Into Advertising & Emerging Platforms

Distributed Data Management

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New Perspectives for an Ever Changing Market

Say Hello to Habu!20200207162754

Say Hello to Habu!

Matt KilmartinFebruary 7, 202015
I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Habu, the first marketing data operating system that enables brands to build a durable...
Start Predicting Disruption20200709060020

Start Predicting Disruption

Brian KempfJuly 9, 20201
There was a moment in time not so long ago where small media companies started to crumble. These companies relied solely on a...
‘Un-Platform’ Your Tech Stack20200706182925

‘Un-Platform’ Your Tech Stack

Avanti GadeJuly 6, 20203
There are too many changes occurring concurrently and in the near future to not re-consider your platform investments.  ...
Sustaining Value When The Tide Goes Out20200616080000

Sustaining Value When The Tide Goes Out

Ted FlanaganJune 16, 20208
This is a post about value, so I’m going to kick it off with a quote from the legendary value investor, Warren Buffett: ̶...