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For data scientists, a modern data clean room solution like Habu’s provides a transformative opportunity to expand, streamline, and accelerate DataOps workflows. Here’s how you make that pitch to your line of business owners.

The rise of the modern data clean room has enabled organizations to access and analyze large quantities of valuable, previously out-of-reach data. That’s particularly good news for data scientists, who depend on wide-ranging access to fresh data to deliver the insights that their line of business colleagues demand.

While adoption of the data clean room model has been fast and continues to accelerate, data science teams don’t normally have the authority to purchase and deploy a data clean room on their own. That requires budget from lines of business and buy-in from IT. So, for those data scientists who’ve seen the light and know a data clean room would expand and accelerate their DataOps initiatives, how do you present the idea to your colleagues?

Start here: A modern data clean room is foundational to DataOps

In the age of decentralized data and privacy-first mandates, a data clean room enables organizations to interact securely with all types of partners. At a basic level, your organization needs a clean room solution in order to participate in the kind of data collaboration that underpins a growth strategy. Without a clean room, data owners and other partners simply will not provide you with access to their sensitive data. That’s inherently limiting in your organization’s drive for insight and innovation.

The best data clean rooms further extend your potential access to data by offering interoperability with a broad range of cloud providers, so you can freely collaborate with partners whose data sits on any number of clouds. In the old days, connecting to multiple cloud providers or walled gardens was a cumbersome, highly technical process. But modern data clean rooms make these connections simple and fast.

In fact, a modern data clean room like Habu’s is simple and fast from end to end: You won’t need much support from IT in order to deploy and use the clean room, and it’s even simple enough that your lines of business can run it themselves.

Habu has clear differentiators…

So, a modern data clean room solution is a must-have for any data science team. But, you’re wondering, what makes Habu best-in-class? Great question.

With Habu, what really stands out are its automation and orchestration capabilities — the enabling software layer that streamlines and accelerates your data science initiatives. Habu’s cloud interoperability makes your partner connections simple, but Habu also offers a comprehensive API, which means your data science tasks are highly-automated and complete faster.

As your DataOps expand, Habu easily scales with you. But with Habu, you can scale everything: your portfolio of clean rooms, of course, but also your questions, models, and training. We make it simple to transfer your work to the next clean room partnership — and even simpler to provide business users with additional data and insight.

Need business intelligence tools? Habu data clean room includes built-in BI that’s comparable to the best free-standing BI solutions — but Habu’s BI comes at no additional cost!

…and data science features that lap the competition

Wait, we’re not done. When it comes to data science initiatives, Habu provides some unique and powerful capabilities to accelerate your workflows.

  • Clean Compute — Go well beyond simple insights by enriching your data with machine learning models and more advanced computing methods. You can run virtually any containerized code in Habu’s secure environment. Consider taking advantage of advanced techniques like image recognition, ML, fraud detection, and more.
  • Clean ML — Focus on your machine learning workloads by leveraging code specifically built for ML. You can use data from your Habu clean room to train your model, and then output the trained model to production, or you can bring in a trained model to draw inferences. Or you can do both of these at once!
  • Question Builder — Distribute insights at scale by writing your own queries and templatizing them for re-use across data sets. Use the same questions across multiple clean rooms, organizations, and accounts. Question Builder uses a natural language framework, so it’s easy for business users to find the reports they want, insert their own runtime parameters, and trigger their own runs.

We’ve now talked through the ways in which a data clean room is essential for today’s data-driven enterprise — and how Habu data clean room software delivers industry-leading automation, orchestration, and interoperability for your data initiatives. Not to mention simplicity, scale, business intelligence — and a set of specialized collaborative data science capabilities the competition can’t match. Taken together, Habu’s industry-leading software solution should make your case for adopting a data clean room an easy one to land.

And don’t hesitate to talk to us for any additional details you may need. Or, check out Habu in action by requesting a demo.

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