Travel & Hospitality

Travel Farther. Anchor Your Data.

Maximize the value of your first-party data and access partner data sets to better understand customer usage patterns and preferences. Data clean rooms allow you to share and access data from partners, walled gardens, and media platforms and match it with your first-party data while maintaining customer privacy.
Habu for Travel & Hospitality

Habu for Travel & Hospitality

Allow your business to take flight by joining your data with data from walled gardens, clouds, and other sources. Habu data clean room software uses protected sharing capabilities to accelerate time to insight, strengthen partnerships, and facilitate the launch of travel media networks.

Collaborate Securely with Unrivaled Flexibility

Accelerate Time-to-Insight

Fast-track actionable insights by gaining access to partner data more effectively. Modern clean rooms connect to any data source – private clean rooms, walled gardens, clouds – and centralize all your media investments.

Strengthen Partnerships

Build data collaboration offerings focused on providing partners with access to rich data and actionable insights to drive growth.

Launch Travel Media Networks

Data clean rooms enable you to build and scale media networks as a new revenue source and transform your role as a passive media buyer into a more active platform with rich data.


Elevate Your Data Opportunities

Measure Advertising Effectiveness

Run campaigns across multiple walled gardens and pull performance into a single dashboard to monitor media spend, engagement, wastage, and redundancy.

Expand Cross-Channel Opportunities

Expand Cross-Channel Opportunities

Target travelers that may need extra items during a trip, whether that’s ground transportation, forgotten personal items, or local entertainment options.

Optimize Travel Offers

Optimize Travel Offers

Combine first-party loyalty information with external travel data to understand your most loyal travelers’ preferences, such as frequency and types of destinations.


Join a First Class Data Cohort

Become part of a robust ecosystem of providers leading the way in secure data collaboration. Habu makes building your own data clean room easy and accessible. Act on emerging industry trends. Monetize your data assets. And give advertisers and partners the power to reach their audiences more effectively.

Ready to maximize what you can do with your data?