Shaping More Robust Opportunities from Suppliers to Sales

Optimize your customer experience and drive better performance by using your data strategically. Habu data clean room software helps you do more with your data assets—from improving operations at scale to developing a retail media network. Capture insights from first-party data and expand data collaboration with partners to maximize returns.


Improving the Retail Experience with Habu

Whether you want to improve how you run your network’s media inventory or better understand your buyer behavior and media performance, data is the driver. Habu transforms your data potential by allowing you to leverage advanced analytics and collaborate with partners across clouds without having to move data.


Attract, Convert, and Retain Customers. Habu Puts Knowledge at your Fingertips.

Broaden your data ecosystem

Integrate vendor and partner data into your analytics to expand insights — all within a secure, safe environment.

Open up new revenue opportunities

Extend what you can do with your sales data and digital media channels by opening up new offerings.

Optimize your media investments

Understand your customers like never before. Gain a more nuanced view of which ad spend delivers and what it means for product-specific sales.


Enabling End-to-End Awareness

Leading online retailers have set the standard in customer insights and tracking the customer journey. Habu data clean room software can help you level the playing field. With secure access to more data sets, you can extend line of sight from awareness and consideration through the actual purchase.


Delivering Retail Advantage


“We’re looking for a clean and safe place to operate a clean room. Our clients want to bring their data and merge it with our data. Obviously, both companies want it to be in a safe and protected way. We’re looking for Habu and Snowflake to give us the capability in order to do that.”

Nick Hamilton, VP, Engineering, Kroger 84.51°


More Ways to Enhance Retail Operations

Tap Into New Opportunities

Habu data clean room software gives you the ability to provide custom audience solutions using first- and second-party data. Target, scale, or suppress data based on your unique needs.

Extend How You Use Data

Apply data-driven insights across the enterprise–including in promotions, co-marketing, R&D, packaging, and pricing to drive better sales outcomes and improve decision-making.

Innovate The Customer Experience

Reveal consumer behavior on- and offline to identify opportunities for a more compelling experience. Collaborate with vendors and explore new offerings to deepen your relationships.


A Solution Designed For Collaboration

Habu helps retailers operate more intelligently by connecting you to major data clouds and activation platforms so you can realize the full potential of your datasets. Whether you’re looking to increase sales volume, understand customer preferences or improve your supply chain, we enable you to make informed decisions.

From Boutiques to Big-Box Stores, Get Smarter with Collaborative Intelligence