Accelerate Your Data Impact

Get a clearer picture of the auto purchasing journey by unifying customer data across platforms with a smart, privacy-safe clean room solution. Habu helps you gain deeper insight into how your advertising campaigns impact consumers’ buying decisions.

Inform Advertising with Data-Driven Insights

The automotive purchase process is a uniquely hybrid journey. Habu data clean room software makes it possible to connect dealer purchases to digital consumer behavior. With a clearer end-to-end picture of the customer journey, marketing teams can better understand campaign performance and improve targeting.
Data Collaboration for Automotive Companies Playbook

Understand Your Ideal Prospect

Habu gives you the tools to enrich your understanding of potential buyers. With insight into what drives auto purchases, you’ll be able to better personalize offerings to the right audiences.

A Unified View for Premium Data

Explore the richest datasets

With secure access to premium data from Amazon, Google, and others of the world’s largest platforms, automotive companies are empowered to uncover deeper trends to inform their strategy.

Gain 360° visibility into consumer behavior

Habu’s clean rooms can combine data from many different partners to create a more cohesive view of the customer journey.

Personalize the customer experience

Uncover patterns in how customers make purchases to identify key personas and deliver personalized experiences for each prospective buyer.

Find New Data Opportunities

End-to-end Attribution and Measurement​

End-to-end Attribution and Measurement

Habu lets automotive companies tap into conversion-level data to create cohesive stories around purchases. Move the state of your knowledge of the customer experience from fragmentation to integration by enabling end-to-end attribution and measurement.

Streamline The Supply Chain

Use advanced analytics to partner with dealerships to perform overlap analyses. Identify service and parts customers by filtering by make, model, and other defining characteristics.

Behavioral Enrichment

Behavioral Enrichment

Habu’s clean room allows you to get closer to all kinds of partner data. Pave the way for bespoke advertising experiences and empower marketing teams to develop targeted content more effectively.


Move Into The Auto-Future With Data

Become part of a robust ecosystem of providers leading the way in secure data collaboration. Habu makes building your own data clean room easy and accessible. Act on emerging industry trends. Monetize your data assets. And give your advertisers and partners the power to reach their audiences more effectively.
Habu: State of Data Collaboration Report
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The State of Data Collaboration

Understand what’s happening in data collaboration in today’s privacy-first world

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