Quick Guide for Advertising: Habu's Top 8 Reports

The pre-built advertising reports in our interoperable data clean room solution were designed to make data and insights gained through collaborations easily accessible and actionable for business users.

By packaging up the most impactful and prominent data analytics and BI reports for advertising and paid media, our solution allows organizations to work more efficiently by:

  • Allowing Marketers and Media Buyers to self-serve the insights they need to run and optimize campaigns from end-to-end
  • Empowering Product and Data owners to understand the usage and opportunities on their media platform
  • Freeing up data scientists to focus on more technical, in-depth analysis

Download our “Quick Guide for Advertising Reports” for the 8 most popular reports which Media Companies and Media Buyers/ Marketers are using to optimize their partnerships.

Quick Guide for Advertising

Quick Guide for Advertising

In this guide you will learn:

  • About the 8 most popular reports being run on Habu for advertising
  • How Media companies are quickly leveraging partnerships and insights to drive new revenue growth, improve campaign planning, and advance inventory management
  • How Media Buyers and Marketers are unlocking consumer insights and improving ROAS and sales lift more efficiently with these reports

Download the Guide