Assess Your Impact

Drive more value from your largest investments with a clear view of reach and frequency and the ability to accurately attribute conversions and measure lift. Use data clean rooms to make individual channels work harder and optimize the mix to drive better outcomes.
Measurement for marketers

Quantify Effectiveness

Measure campaign performance to the most granular level in all media environments.

Find Efficiency & Eliminate Waste

Granularly analyze user and event-level data for better conversion rates, better brand recall, and reduced acquisition cost.

Enhance Your Attribution

Get the details behind the activities driving top, middle, and bottom-of-funnel conversions.

Measure What’s Meaningful

Don’t settle for weak proxies for measurement when you can engage directly with data from the source of truth.

Gauge the Incremental Impact

Design and test experimental approaches to understand the true impact of each platform, channel, and tactic.
Optimization and measurement
Embedded Analytics

Understand Results

Different businesses and campaigns may benefit from different measurement models based on their unique characteristics and goals. Habu includes an extensive library of pre-built queries to analyze campaign performance to the most granular level, within and across all environments. Customized to your unique needs, you gain valuable insight into customer behavior so you can optimize your advertising efforts, allocate your marketing budget more efficiently, and ultimately achieve better results.
Media reach and frequency

Reach & Frequency

Reach and frequency are essential factors to help advertisers understand how many people have seen (or heard) their ad, as well as how often. Habu includes a series of powerful queries to help you measure both of these critical metrics – across time and specific audiences – to evaluate the success (or failure) of your marketing campaign.

Targeting Performance

Campaign Overlap

Impressions by Channel/​Content


Device Graph

Attention/​Engagement Metrics


Format Performance

Optimal Frequency by Campaign


With digital advertising, multiple channels and campaigns are often used simultaneously, making attribution crucial in determining the ROI and overall effectiveness of advertising efforts. Habu provides built-in queries to measure attribution in a variety of ways so no matter what method you use, we have you covered.

First-touch Attribution

Last-touch Attribution

Linear Attribution


Attribution by Channel

Attribution by Format

CAC/LTV over Time



Incrementality testing incorporates multiple custom attribution models to provide a better picture of the marketing tactics that are most helpful. Habu allows marketers to easily gauge the incremental impact of each platform, channel, and tactic, and also optimize for those that are yielding better results.

A/B Test Results

Incremental ROAS Over Time

Complier Average Causal Effect

Segment Incrementality Significance

Retention Rate Trends After First Purchase

Incrementality Experiment Analysis


Measure Twice, Cut Once

With all of the ways to optimize your advertising and maximize ROAS, it can be tough to figure out where to start. Check out these resources to get suggestions from industry leaders.
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