Data Clean Rooms Drive a Revolution in Data Access

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In today’s digital economy, few things matter more than access to data. Across enterprises and industries, the desire to efficiently ingest, analyze, and distribute data is skyrocketing, both for data owners seeking to monetize their data resources and for the huge variety of companies seeking to leverage valuable datasets. This is particularly true for data-driven marketing teams, who depend on access to large volumes of quality data for targeting and activation. 

However, the sharing and movement of data has never been more challenging. In response to consumers’ data privacy concerns, as well as increasing regulation globally, data owners have walled off their valuable datasets, severely restricting their distribution and putting them out of reach for companies without clean room technology.

That’s because a secure, modern data clean room changes the equation around protected data and privacy — transforming data access from a persistent roadblock to an easily reachable opportunity. With no data movement and advanced privacy controls, a modern data clean room is the only method by which walled gardens and large data owners will now participate in data collaboration. A clean room is also the key for companies of all kinds looking to automate and scale data collaborations to drive real value.

The data clean room disruption

At a high level, today’s advanced data clean rooms deliver five game-changing advantages:

  • Access. Modern data clean rooms provide access to a volume and variety of data that is impossible to gain by other means. And not just data: machine learning models and proprietary IP are also carefully protected these days, and can only be utilized and securely shared via data clean rooms.
  • Interoperability. Unlocking the value of data via collaborative analysis requires technical access to the cloud platforms on which the data is held. Modern, interoperable data clean rooms give companies — and their collaboration partners — easy, consistent, and simple access to all the major cloud platforms as well as enable use of any identity resolution provider. 
  • Enablement. With access to large amounts of data comes a desire to enable all kinds of new use cases. The best data clean rooms support those use cases with templatized analytics, simple no-code tools, streamlined workflows, and seamless integrations.
  • Efficiency. In exploiting new access to data, simplifying and automating recurring data queries is an essential driver of productivity and value that data clean rooms provide. Companies can then multiply this efficiency by also leveraging clean room software to quickly scale their data collaborations with additional partners.
  • Future-proofing. Having adopted a data collaboration practice, companies typically advance to leveraging their own distributed intellectual property, including machine learning advertising models, containerized microservices, and other proprietary code. Data clean room software offers the only simple and secure method of sharing this IP.

With clear benefits that legacy approaches simply can’t touch, we’re seeing rapid — and accelerating — clean room adoption across industries. A modern data clean room is now the essential tool in companies’ data collaboration strategies as they leverage valuable datasets and build data partnerships that deliver significant value to all parties.

We can see the effect of data clean rooms in the surging popularity of data collaboration: almost half of all companies in our recent survey reported using data clean rooms in the past 12 months, while 7 in 10 planned to increase data collaboration over the next 12 months. This comes on the heels of analyst firm Gartner finding a 3x greater economic benefit for firms that share data externally.

Habu is the industry-leading solution

Habu data clean room software enables organizations to analyze a much broader universe of data, uncovering insights that fuel better business decisions via data collaboration that’s smart, safe, scalable, and simple. With flexible, multi-cloud deployment, high levels of automation, and an intuitive interface, Habu data clean room empowers companies to accelerate transformation and seize market advantage.

To learn more, read our white paper on the value of data clean rooms.

Maximize the value of data securely and power growth with data clean rooms

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