The Value of Data clean Rooms

Drive growth with secure data collaboration

As the landscape of data collaboration continues to transform, businesses across industries remain focused on the value of accessing and analyzing shared data. Despite increasing privacy and compliance burdens, analyst firm Gartner found a 3x greater economic benefit for firms that share data externally — so it’s no surprise that most firms in a recent survey reported planning to increase their data collaborations over the next 12 months.

In the marketplace, the need for data collaboration breaks two ways. On the one hand, enterprises actively pursuing data-driven marketing seek critical visibility into campaign performance and the means to optimize expenditures. On the other, enterprises with rich datasets and sophisticated advertising ecosystems need a data collaboration solution that will scale easily to support dozens or even hundreds of partners.

Maximize the value of data securely and power growth with data clean rooms

The Value of Data Clean Rooms Whitepaper

This whitepaper will explore:

  • What types of business can benefit from adopting data clean rooms
  • The key value drivers of data clean rooms
  • Examples of companies across industries that are leveraging data clean rooms
  • Five case studies of data clean rooms that highlight business value and impact

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