Case Study

Leveraging incrementality to drive efficiency and sales

In today’s digital advertising landscape, understanding consumer behavior and accurately attributing conversions is key, but often obscured by conflicting signals in the data. Typical buyer journeys involve numerous discrete media exposures across multiple platforms and through an expanding number of channels. This means that the vast majority of customer purchases are not only influenced by multiple overlapping factors, but also occur in fragmented ways (i.e., online, in-store, retail, etc). It’s a recipe for ambiguous attribution.

Incrementality provides a better way for marketers to understand consumer behavior. And modern data clean rooms offer marketers improved capabilities to execute incrementality tests.

Incrementality Case Study

Habu For Incrementality case study

In this case study, you will learn:

  • Why attribution is a persistent challenge for marketers
  • How incrementality can solve some of that pain
  • How Habu is positioned to solve incrementality
  • Success stories from Habu customers 
  • Recommended next steps

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