Case Study

ASICS Leverages Habu’s Unique Incrementality Capabilities To Drive Global Sales

ASICS Case Study




Use Cases

Measurement & Experimentation

Seeking Accurate Attribution Insights

The Challenge

ASICS sales take place through various online and offline channels. Many of its customers engage daily with different online platforms, making it difficult to accurately determine which platform should be credited with the conversion. ASICS looked to incrementality testing to improve measurement. However, incrementality is an involved process that requires carefully constructed experiments and the right tools.

The Solution

ASICS selected Habu for its unique combination of experimentation support and fully interoperable data clean room software. Habu delivers actionable insights powered by a unique multi-geography experimentation capability and enables advanced measurement across geographies. Marketers at ASICS now have a business-friendly solution that eliminates the technical complexities of working with walled gardens.
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“Habu has revolutionized our approach to data analysis. The ability to effortlessly integrate data from multiple sources has allowed us to unlock insights and identify trends that were previously hidden in silos. As a result, we have enhanced our measurement capabilities, enabling us to make informed decisions that drive business growth.”

Devin McGuire, Manager of Global Performance Marketing

Case Study

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Habu ASICS case study

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