Data Value Expanded, With Increased Security

Habu data clean rooms help you collaborate more securely and efficiently with fully interoperable data collaboration software powered by Microsoft Azure confidential computing with AMD EPYC™ processors with Infinity Guard featuring SEV-SNP technology.

Microsoft Confidential Computing

Habu: Unlock Collaborative Intelligence

Deliver a higher level of data value and security with seamless data collaboration in Habu clean rooms. You’ll fuel better business decisions across a broader range of teams and use cases, while supporting improved decision-making at scale.

Maximize Data Value

Collaborate with decentralized data from any platform. Habu data clean rooms are fully interoperable with data from any solution or source.

Democratize Insights

Empower more people to benefit from data collaboration, accelerating time‑to‑value with a highly intuitive no‑code/low‑code UX for any use case.

Protect Sensitive Data

Advanced privacy‑enhancing technologies (PETs) protect data, models, and personally identifiable information (PII) throughout the data collaboration process.

AMD Infinity Guard: A More Secure Compute Foundation with SEV-SNP Technology

AMD EPYC™ processors with AMD SEV-SNP technology protect the confidentiality of data inside a secure enclave. This hardware-based execution environment isolates data throughout the collaboration process to safeguard against impactful security breaches and costly downtime.

Accelerate Business Results

Deliver exceptional performance on cloud, enterprise, and high‑performance computing workloads.

Isolate Data

Protect the confidentiality of data in memory with an isolated and trusted execution environment rooted in advanced hardware encryption.

Minimize Attack Surface

Eliminate malicious, hypervisor‑based attacks such as data replay, memory re‑mapping, and more.
AMD: A More Secure Compute Foundation

Microsoft Azure: The Globally Trusted Cloud

Confidential computing in Microsoft Azure ensures the integrity of the end-to-end cloud environment before processing any workloads. This advanced attestation prevents data access by cloud providers, admins, and users, and underpins the most secure data collaboration by any means. Want a more technical deep dive? Check out the solution architecture.

Get End-to-End Protection

Safeguard your most valuable and sensitive data while at rest on disk, in transit through the network, and in use in memory.

Depend on Multilayered Security

Maximize data privacy and security across the vast network of Azure datacenters, infrastructure, and operations.

Rely on Expertise

Sleep well knowing that more than 8,500 security experts are closely monitoring and safeguarding your data, backed by over $1 billion devoted to security research and development.

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