Richer Data. Better Outcomes. Safe & Streamlined.

Richer Data.
Better Outcomes.
Safe & Streamlined.

Habu puts collaborative intelligence securely at your fingertips. From marketing insights and measurement to data science and applications in financial services and healthcare, our data clean room use cases are expanding to meet today’s toughest business challenges.


Consumer Insights

Expand your access to data from across the customer journey, to learn more about your customers, where to reach them, and how they connect with your brand in the wider world. Understanding intent is everything.

Broaden Your Perspective

Move beyond first-party data to get a more complete picture of consumer behaviours.

Understand The Journey

Close customer journey gaps with high-value data signals from partners.

Go Deeper

Get more granular insights by comparing first-party data to external sources.

Deliver Better Experiences

Offer effective experiences that match your customers’ needs and preferences.


Data & Model Enrichment

Discover more data to develop, train, and run your machine learning models. Supercharge acquisition and retention with a secure approach to data science.

Build Better Models

Make your models smarter by training them on high fidelity partner data.

Improve The Experience

Design better offers and recommendations based on inference and propensity scores from partner data.

Expand Model Insights

Automate the deployment of your science across partner channels to scale acquisition faster.

Cut Through The Noise

Determine what data matters and what data doesn’t through direct collaboration and discovery.


Advanced Segmentation & Activation

Turn insights into business outcomes with the ability to build audiences for private activation across channels, securely from your Habu clean room.

Target Smarter

Deliver more relevant and efficient messaging without compromising consumer privacy.

Optimize Channel Experiences

Create experiences that reward consumers for their loyalty, in every engagement channel. 

Act In The Moment

Reach consumers instantly through direct collaboration with your most strategic channel partners.


Optimization & Measurement

Drive more value from your largest investments by working in data clean rooms. Get a true view of reach and frequency and accurately attribute your conversions and measure lift. Make individual channels work harder or optimize the mix to drive better outcomes.

Find Efficiency & Eliminate Waste

Granularlly analyze user and event level datasets to get more out of your investments.

Enhance Your Attribution

Connect first-party data with data from walled gardens and other major advertising platforms to see who is driving top, middle and bottom of funnel conversions.

Measure What’s Meaningful

Don’t settle for weak proxies for measurement when you can engage directly with data from the source of truth.

A Holistic Approach

Combine granular methods of attribution with experimental approaches that prove causation to understand your true return on investment.

use cases

Primary Habu Use Cases


Optimize Patient Outcomes with a Data Clean Room

Keep sensitive data protected, while uncovering opportunities to deliver more value. Use pharmaceutical and healthcare data safely and improve patients’ lives.

financial services

Get to Know Customers Better and Maintain Strong Governance

Gain new insights while protecting sensitive data. Strengthen fraud detection by tapping into broader data sources. And tailor your customers’ digital experiences using fully compliant, privacy-protected collaborative intelligence.


“We can’t always have dedicated data scientists assigned to our marketing programs, so that’s where it’s been really helpful to lean on a technology partner such as Habu”

Phillip Bryant – Senior Manager of Digital Demand Generation at ASICS

future of data collaboration

The Future of Data Collaboration

Find out how to use a data clean room to help you unlock more potential without compromising privacy. Collaborate in new and exciting ways that drive growth and bottom-line results.

Get Smarter With Collaborative Intelligence