Data Clean Rooms for Financial Services

How confidential computing unlocks the value of third-party data while preserving privacy

The financial services industry is undergoing profound changes to its data ecosystem. Financial institutions have faced challenges in understanding market volatility, reducing risk in credit markets, preventing money laundering, and more because vast amounts of data are siloed, hard to access, and impossible to secure.

Now, data clean rooms that utilize confidential computing are changing all this. Using Microsoft Azure confidential computing and AMD EPYC processors with Infinity Guard featuring Secure Encrypted Virtualization-Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP) technology, a Habu data clean room helps eliminate these barriers to unlock collaborative intelligence with the most advanced data collaboration software available. Using this new technology, financial institutions are able to collaborate with partners without compromising their most sensitive data.

Uncover new insights in financial services with secure data collaboration

Data Clean Rooms for Financial Services Guide by Habu, Microsoft, and AMD

This guide will explore:

  • What are data clean rooms and what is driving rapid adoption
  • The key benefits and business outcomes of secure data collaboration 
  • Example use cases of privacy-preserving collaboration in financial services
  • How data clean rooms and confidential computing work together
  • The essential capabilities for financial data clean rooms

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