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Safe Data Collaboration for a Distributed World

Access data wherever it lives.

Whether you leverage Habu's software to launch your own data clean room or prefer to work within another data clean room, such as a walled garden, our software was built to empower you to leverage all your data from a single interface.

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Gain broader and deeper data intelligence

Habu's data clean room software puts consumer data – wherever it lives – to work for you.

Comprehensive measurement

  • Measure reach and frequency, latency, and journey analysis across all channels, even within walled gardens.
  • Understand the best opportunities for each audience target with cross channel attribution.
Ico comprehensive measurement

Actionable insights

  • Put data to work by leveraging analytics and insights to take appropriate and immediate action.
  • Expand customer profiles with enhanced insights to enrich your CRM and improve targeting.
  • Identify more opportunities for customer connections with a rapid feedback loop for faster optimization.
Ico actionable insights

Automation first

  • Work smarter and more efficiently with built-in automation tools.
  • No more manual segmentation. Use AI to automatically and continuously discover people with common characteristics.
  • Leverage natural-language questions to automate the creation of complex queries and reports.
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Elegance is minimizing complexity.

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Data scientist

No coding necessary... unless you're into that sort of thing.

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Rely on an Efficient and Secure Data Infrastructure

Habu's data clean room software infrastructure is built to work privately, securely, and across platforms.

Privacy safe

  • Protect your and your partners' proprietary data while finding mutually beneficial opportunities to connect with your audiences.
  • All consumer privacy laws are adhered to, even as they continually evolve.
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Platform agnostic

  • Leverage our data clean rooms with any platform or tool.
  • Habu's software goes wherever the data lives. Your data stays put.
Ico platform agnostic

Identity orchestrated

  • Resolve identity across any partnership scenario.
  • Automate identity orchestration for analytical, onboarding, or execution use cases.
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Do more with distributed data in a privacy- and governance-safe manner with Habu.

Top Benefits

Marketing initiatives

  • Gain more visibility and control, and connect to the right people at the right time, even within walled gardens.
  • Understand exactly what's working, where, and for whom.
  • Unlock opportunities to learn more about consumers.
  • Decrease wasted ad spend and improve ROI.
  • Change tactics quickly in response to real-world activities.

Data analyses

  • Fully leverage your entire data asset.
  • Access a single view of many systems to discover patterns and opportunities.
  • Easily query and get actionable insights fast.
  • Use natural-language business questions for business users and APIs, Jupyter Notebooks, Data Pipelines, Query Interfaces, etc. for data scientist and engineers.

Privacy and governance

  • Protect your and your business partners' proprietary data and assets while enabling collaboration.
  • Have confidence that all consumer privacy laws are and will be covered.
  • Leverage a rich consent management model to configure how user consent is handled by Habu within data clean rooms.


How will Habu work for you?

Habu works in two primary ways:

  1. Gain deeper analysis by layering Habu's intelligence on top of walled gardens and other data clean rooms for marketing insight and efficiency.
  2. Securely collaborate with a partner within a data clean room that Habu sets up for you while maintaining full control of your data.

More ways Habu can work for you

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Why use a data clean room?

Due to privacy-related changes to cookies and browsers, the approach to advanced analytics must change. Data clean rooms are the vehicle for privacy-safe data collaboration and advanced insights in this new world.

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