Habu and NCSolutions Join Forces to Deliver CPG Insights in a Ready-to-Use Solution for Privacy-Safe Collaboration in Clean Rooms

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Agreement empowers marketers in a new way to improve advertising effectiveness, and measurement across all media

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Habu, the global innovator in data clean room software, today announced an agreement with NCSolutions (NCS), to harness NCS’s powerful consumer purchase data within Habu’s data clean room platform. Brands will be able to seamlessly unlock and accelerate new insights to fuel CRM enrichment, profiling and analytics, modeling, measurement, and more.

Habu’s user-friendly, no-code clean room solution enables business users to share and analyze sensitive data without technical knowledge. This collaboration with NCS, the leading company for improving advertising effectiveness data for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) ecosystem, extends these capabilities further. 

The NCS CPG Insights Stream delivers turnkey purchase-based insights, eliminating the need for data scientists to unpack complicated raw data sets. NCS takes it one step further by applying a rigorous process to ensure the data (which encompasses a variety of diverse sources to include grocery, drug, convenience, mass market, big box, e-commerce, delivery apps, receipt capture, and panels) is privacy compliant. 

As the industry embraces a more privacy-first approach, brands are looking to accurately measure performance by identifying key partners that offer the robust data and high-value signals needed to complement their first-party data asset. With NCS CPG Insights Stream, CPG companies can quickly and easily access high-quality purchase data and ready-to-use insights within their Habu clean room solution.  The NCS CPG Insights Stream allows marketers to unlock buying patterns for every U.S. household and retail outlet. This turnkey solution provides ready-to-use data across 127MM U.S. households, 4,500 product groups, and 3MM universal product codes (UPCs). With just a few clicks, companies can increase the value of their first-party data by enriching it with household purchase intelligence, helping them to uncover new insights, improve targeting and measurement, and drive immediate business value. 

“The desire to conduct in-depth analysis in a privacy-safe environment is becoming a rising priority for CPG marketers,” said Jeff Doherty, chief operating officer, NCSolutions. “But it takes quite a bit of time and effort to get raw transaction data to where it needs to be to drive results. By streaming our purchase data insights into Habu’s innovative platform, we can help CPG marketers outpace their data analytics goals and improve advertising effectiveness immediately.” 

“Through this relationship, we’re able to offer brands instant access to an extensive collection of high-quality data, while making it simple for them to quickly find relevant insights,” said Matt Kilmartin, CEO of Habu. “We’re excited to work with NCS in our shared mission to provide companies with differentiated and easy-to-use turnkey solutions that will allow them to drive better business outcomes and ROI.”

Today, leading CPG companies leverage Habu to safely and securely collaborate around data for advanced insights and analytics, journey analysis, enhanced modeling, and measurement. 

To learn more about the ways that Habu and NCS are providing companies with innovative solutions to leverage visit www.habu.com and  NCSolutions

About Habu

Habu is a global leader in data clean room software, enabling companies to benefit from the value of data without the risk. Habu connects data internally and externally with other departments, partners, customers, and providers in privacy safe and compliant ways for better collaboration, decision making and results. The company is headquartered in San Francisco CA and Boston, MA. For more information on Habu Data Collaboration solutions visit www.habu.com.

About NCS

NCSolutions (NCS) makes advertising work better. Our unrivaled data resources powered by leading providers combine with scientific rigor and leading-edge technology to empower the CPG ecosystem to create and deliver more effective advertising. With NCS’s proven approach, brands are achieving continuous optimization everywhere ads appear through purchase-based audience targeting and sales measurement solutions that have impacted over $25 billion in media spend for our customers. Visit us at ncsolutions.com to learn more.

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