Who Needs A Data Clean Room?

We can broadly identify two primary groups whose data collaboration needs make data clean room solutions a good choice:

  1. Businesses of all kinds with active, data-centric marketing. These organizations often lack critical visibility into how their marketing campaigns are performing. Without access to accurate data analytics, they’re essentially flying blind, and not making the most efficient use of their marketing spend. These businesses would like to be able to interact with the data of walled gardens such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, as well as other restricted datasets, to understand how their advertising is performing — and how they can make better decisions. Ideally, since marketers are the main users, they’d like to adopt a business-friendly, out-of-the-box intelligence solution.
  2. Businesses with rich datasets and extensive partner ecosystems. Enterprises with large datasets and well-developed data platforms seek a simple, scalable solution to enable dozens or hundreds of partners to interact with the organization’s data in a safe, intelligent way. These businesses often want to build their own data clean rooms, but they prefer to use a solution that simplifies the task with easy building blocks. In these organizations, adopting data clean rooms is often a strategic initiative and involves several stakeholders, such as product managers, engineers, data scientists, and marketers.

Habu delivers a software solution both for data clean room owners looking to custimize their clean rooms and also for data clean room collaborators who are looking to get better insights by accesing rich datasets.

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