What are the key benefits of Google Ads Data Hub (ADH) for marketers?

Google Ads Data Hub provides a depth of data and analysis that is much deeper than anything outside of the ADH environment or previously made available through Google’s data transfer files.

With Google ADH, you also have the ability to upload your CRM and any other first party data into ADH, where it will be combined with impression data from your advertising campaigns.

Combining your data with event-level data from your Google ad campaigns across Campaign Manager, Display & Video 360 (DV360), Google Ads, and YouTube Reserve, allows you to unlock new insights, improve media efficiency and targeting, and optimize campaign.

Although ADH unlocks valuable insights, it also requires a team of technical resources to manage and extract insights. Habu’s Data Clean Room is software that sits on top of Google ADH to help people unlock and automate advanced query analysis with efficiency and scale.

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