LiveRamp Acquires Habu to Accelerate Data Collaboration with Enhanced Clean Room Technology

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The industry's only interoperable platform for data collaboration across all clouds and walled gardens

Organizations have long understood that partnering to share data enhances collective insights and engagement with their customer base. However, the process of sharing such data has been fraught with substantial risks. In response to rapidly changing regulations, data clean rooms have emerged to overcome the challenges associated with sharing data. Over the last few years, Habu has been fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading brands like Disney, Kroger’s 84.51, PepsiCo, LinkedIn and more who have embraced  clean room technology as a privacy safe way to collaborate with their partners.

We started Habu 5 years ago in 2019, with a vision to make collaboration across decentralized data safe, simple, scalable, and smart. In this new era of decentralized data, my co-founder Mike Moreau and I knew that a new breed of data and analytics software needed to be born. We launched Habu, a leading data clean room software company, inside of super{set}, a startup studio co-founded by our former Krux colleagues, Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya. that builds high-potential data+AI businesses from scratch. We assembled an all-star team of former co-workers, Roopak Gupta, Ted Flanagan, Matt Karasick, Jess Tansey and Frederick Stanichev and many more which helped us become a leader in this space.

Today, we couldn’t be happier to announce the next phase in our trek to the top of the data collaboration mountain. Habu has been acquired by LiveRamp to join forces and open new frontiers through enhanced clean room technology. The last 5 years have been an incredible journey for Habu, full of growth, camaraderie, resilience, lessons learned, and shared accomplishments. People are truly what makes a company special and none of this would be possible without our amazing customers, partners, team of Haboosters, and all who have supported us throughout this ride. We couldn’t have done it without you.

“It was an incredible journey collaborating with Mike and Matt to cofound Habu. From the very start, as we analyzed the potential challenges of this new world of distributed data and the need for privacy and control, it was clear we were onto something,” said Tom Chavez, co-founder of super{set} and Habu. I have so much respect for Scott Howe and LiveRamp, and cannot wait to see Habu evolve and scale over the years to come.”

A Gamechanger for the Future of Data Collaboration

LiveRamp, a pioneer in data collaboration with an expansive ecosystem of 900+ global partners and customers, was recently named a leader (along with Habu) in the IDC Marketscape for Data Clean Room technology. These capabilities fuel their market leading data collaboration platform, empowering organizations to do more with their first-party data to improve insights, closed loop measurement, and any collaboration use case you can imagine. 

The power of LiveRamp’s capabilities combined with Habu’s fully interoperable clean room technology enable companies to collaborate with any partner across any cloud, walled garden, or media clean room. With tools built for data scientists and business users alike, data collaboration can be leveraged by many different personas within an organization to maximize the use cases and outcomes that can be achieved.

Together, we will deliver best-in-class clean room technology empowering brands to easily collaborate with anyone, activate anywhere, and measure everywhere to accelerate collaboration for everyone. Integrated genAI capabilities take this offering to the next level with the inclusion of alerts and recommendations for new use cases and proposed actions to take.

Unlocking Collaborative Intelligence To Improve Measurement and Drive Business Growth

In this video, Vihan Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer at LiveRamp, and I share our joint vision of how brands, publishers, data owners, and commerce media companies can leverage our combined capabilities to uncover insights, supercharge use cases, and accelerate new business growth.



Measure across all your walled garden investments

 A first-of-its-kind, unified view allows customers to measure campaigns across all programmatic channels and walled gardens, including Amazon, Google, and Facebook, all from one place. Simplify partnerships with all media platforms and access new partners across media networks and all major MVPDs, CTV platforms, and TV programmers, spanning household names from the Albertsons Media Collective to NBC Universal. 

Simplify orchestration across clouds for increased speed-to-value

Connect data seamlessly across clouds, warehouses, and clean rooms including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Snowflake, and now Azure and Databricks. Easily discover and connect with an entirely new set of collaboration partners without being constrained by an IT infrastructure. With reduced complexity and simplified clean room setup and operations, collaboration in the cloud has never been easier. 

Activate data anywhere in the world

LiveRamp’s identity framework is integrated with over 900+ global customers and partners, allowing our clients to engage with companies in all corners of the ecosystem. This access to the widest selection of media, data, and technology partners—from Ampersand to Pinterest to Snap—empowers brands to navigate marketing in the post-signal world with confidence.

A New Era 

We have made tremendous strides over the past 5 years building market-leading technology while having the privilege of working with some of the world’s most innovative companies. We are extremely proud and grateful for the extraordinary customers that have been on this journey with us. As we enter this next phase of our evolution, we are ecstatic that our technology can now be put to work across a far greater network of companies with our shared vision to simplify and scale collaboration for everyone.

Thank you to our customers, partners, and community, for everything we’ve built together. We’re excited for what’s ahead! 

To learn more, please contact us to speak with an expert today.

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CEO & Co-Founder
Matt Kilmartin is a co-founder and CEO at Habu, the Global Innovator in Data Clean Room Software. Habu’s software enables privacy-preserving data collaboration for insights, targeting, and measurement, which unlocks the power of data wherever it lives. The work that Matt and his team are doing with global, Fortune 500, data-driven companies is shaping the future of data collaboration in a privacy first era. Matt has been working with enterprises for the past 20+ years helping them with their digital transformation and data strategies. He has held a variety of executive leadership roles at Salesforce, Krux, and Akamai. Today, in the face of massive disruption that is impacting digital marketing, Matt’s goal is to help brands enable data collaboration that respects consumers.
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