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Snowflake + Habu

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Snowflake + Habu enable brands to streamline and accelerate data collaboration between partners to drive business growth

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The Snowflake + Habu data clean room solution pairs best in class infrastructure with a flexible suite of applications to accelerate business growth for brands.

As the industry embraces a privacy-first posture, companies need a way to connect and collaborate with partners with maximum privacy, complete control, and full flexibility to drive value and growth for their business.

Habu delivers its suite of data clean room applications natively on the Snowflake Data Cloud, to power insights, audience development, activation, and measurement.

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Key Features

  • Intelligent User Interface - Simple, ease of use approach for marketers and publishers to set up a clean room using an intuitive UI and start collaborating on data sets without technical knowledge
  • No Data Movement - Habu’s clean room intelligence applications can be utilized directly from wherever your data resides; without data ever needing to be copied or moved from Snowflake
  • Maximum Privacy & Governance - Design the level of transparency and privacy controls with your partners while maintaining data security and governance
  • Flexible Usability - No-code and low-code features support a spectrum of analysis that serves both business users and advanced data science teams
  • Outcome Oriented - Use case driven, offering end-to-end solutions for insights, measurement, experimentation, machine learning, & activation

Snowflake + Habu helps companies democratize data and insights to accelerate collaboration opportunities for companies and their partners

Snowflake customers can now leverage Habu's intelligence applications with their data remaining where it lives, all without accessing or moving the data.

A library of pre-built queries and marketer-friendly visualizations expands the universe of users who can extract value and use cases that can be unlocked.

Leading brands leverage the Snowflake + Habu solution to automate and scale the process for collaboration throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Examples include enriching profiles, filling gaps in the customer journey, improving measurement, driving increased customer lifetime value, and business growth.

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Habu's Chief Customer Officer, Ted Flanagan, joins Snowflake's Malery Lassen live from the Snowflake Summit to discuss where data collaboration is going and how Habu and Snowflake are working together to accelerate and scale secure data collaboration through clean rooms for companies like Disney and 84.51 and their partners.
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Discover how Snowflake + Habu empowers brands to collaborate with their key strategic partners in a more transparent, privacy- and governance-safe manner and accelerates business growth by unlocking greater access to data. 

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