Amazon Web Services And Habu

Expand, enhance, and expedite your data collaboration capabilities while upholding stringent standards for data privacy and governance.

Flexible and Secure Orchestration of AWS Clean Rooms

Unlock new opportunities for data collaboration by combining the low/no-code user experience and powerful privacy capabilities of Habu with the elastic compute and multi-party computation capabilities of AWS.

Key Capabilities

Secure, scalable and fully interoperable data collaboration

Orchestration of AWS Clean Rooms

Support hundreds of thousands of companies using AWS to contribute data directly from Amazon S3. Habu includes an AWS clean room pattern to enable seamless collaboration using pre-built analytic queries and reports for common use cases.

Interoperability with No Data Movement

Collaborate with partners across clouds, regions, and data platforms. Habu connects to data at its source and uses its fully interoperable hybrid cloud pattern for secure collaboration.

Privacy and Security Framework

Apply advanced privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) to protect your first-party data. With a flexible consent framework that extends from Habu into an AWS clean room, you always have full control over shared data and how it’s used. 

Use Case Flexibility and Automation

Build and execute anything from single queries to complex multi-step workflows utilizing BI, ML, AI, or custom code. Integrated GenAI and advanced automation capabilities refresh dashboards, trigger alerts, and increase user productivity. 

Massive Scale

Leverage the powerful elastic and multi-party computation capabilities of AWS to support data collaboration within AWS clean rooms at unprecedented scale.


AWS Clean Room Solution Democratizes Privacy-enhanced Data Collaboration

“For a brand to be able to fully harness their own first-party data and also tap into high value signals from strategic partners, without having to move or expose that data, is an amazing opportunity. We are excited to work with Habu and AWS and help some of the world’s leading brands to not only navigate this inflection point in our industry, but to innovate, differentiate, and deliver long-term value through data collaboration.”

Krystal Oliveri, Global Chief Innovation Officer, Group M & Choreograph

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