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Habu for Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) empowers your business users and speeds time to insight

Habu delivers business intelligence automation for AMC that simplifies analytics and speeds time to insight.

  • Business user friendly
    Queries written in plain English and visualizations make it easy for business users to uncover insights

  • Out-of-the-box intelligence
    Pre-built intelligence packages accelerate time to insight and let you focus on growing your business

  • Full flexibility
    Export results to your favorite BI tool; bring first-party data to AMC from any other cloud

A global beauty brand is leveraging the unique data available in Amazon’s clean room to drive increased media efficiency and effectiveness


Of monthly campaign over-delivery discovered and re-allocated into productive media.


Of budgets optimized to minimize overlap between brands and tactics.


Of monthly time savings through self-serve AMC query automation.

1 AMC Essentials
Simple, Scalable, Smart

No data science skills needed

Easily uncover advertising intelligence in AMC.

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Accelerate time to insight with Habu Intelligence Packs

Featured Pack


A little bit of everything. Top level understanding of campaign delivery, conversion, and audiences.

More Intelligence Packs

  • Delivery Optimization
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Attribution & Journey
  • Bidding Optimization
  • Custom Question Builder

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