State of Data Collaboration Report - 2024

Data collaboration has gone mainstream with the surge of data clean rooms powering privacy-preserving insights. Driven by the critical need to leverage the value of data, businesses across industries have prioritized initiating or expanding data collaboration initiatives.

In the second annual edition of our State of Data Collaboration Report, we explore the results of our survey of 225 leaders across industries, companies, and roles to better understand existing practices, challenges, and opportunities.

As data collaboration expands beyond marketing use cases to deliver value in diverse industries, business and technical teams look to modern clean rooms to improve and accelerate analytical capabilities and power AI and machine learning workflows.

State of Data Collaboration

Habu State of Data Collaboration Report 2024

Download this report to learn:

  • What role data collaboration plays in current and future business strategy
  • How data clean room adoption has surged across industries
  • The main challenges and primary use cases for data collaboration
  • Why machine learning and AI have emerged as both use cases and enablers of data collaboration

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