Demystifying The Data Layer

The Transformation Of Marketing
Data Infrastructure

This research report from Winterberry Group provides insight into the rapidly evolving and increasingly complex “data layer” of the marketing and advertising technology ecosystem, with a focus on the trends shaping data infrastructure investment, how it is undergoing transformation, and its trajectory for the future.

In developing this report, Winterberry Group surveyed 200 senior marketing, data, analytics and technology thought leaders across the US, UK, France and Germany and conducted in-depth interviews with over 50 industry experts and influencers across the supply chain of data management and identity solutions.

Demystifying The Data Layer

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This report will explore:

  • Trends driving an increase in data, data services, and data technology from $27B in 2024 to $34B by 2027.
  • How the increasing adoption of interoperable technology stacks comprising best-in-class data solutions reflects brands’ efforts to enhance agility and adaptability. 
  • The evolving brand data layer architecture with insights into the emergence of data clean rooms as preferred platforms for secure data collaboration across organizational boundaries. 

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