Power Customer Understanding Via Data Collaboration

A Guide For Automotive Companies

With high-value goods to sell to consumers who are infrequently in market, automotive brands strive to accurately understand their customers: who they are at any given time, and what data from their diverse marketing touch points means. As the television advertising model breaks down in the face of streaming, and consumers utilize ever-expanding channels in their buying journey, auto manufacturers are left with a fragmented landscape of signals that presents real challenges in terms of targeting, attribution, and even understanding when potential customers are truly in a buying motion.

By leveraging data collaboration via a modern data clean room, the auto industry now has the power to mitigate signal loss and meaningfully improve addressability and campaign performance.

Automotive Companies: Unlock Opportunities with Data Collaboration

Data Collaboration Playbook For Automotive Companies

This playbook will explore:

  • How data clean rooms deliver opportunities for automotive brands and retailers
  • What the automotive industry needs to consider when collaborating with data
  • Why data clean rooms are an ideal solution for secure data collaboration
  • Compelling data use cases for the automotive industry
  • What the future of data-driven collaboration in automotive looks like

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