Habu for Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud is a secure, privacy-preserving clean room solution, which allows businesses to perform analytics across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads signals as well as their own inputs.

Using Habu for Amazon Marketing Cloud, businesses can quickly maximize the value of ads run on Amazon properties and their own data sets without requiring advanced technical or data science skills.

Habu’s intelligence layer automates the querying process and provides marketer friendly reporting to work more effectively within Amazon Marketing Cloud. A library of pre-built queries in plain language and visualizations also make it easy to start uncovering insights.

Habu Intelligence Packs

AMC Guide

Download this guide to learn:

  • How Habu simplifies analytics in Amazon Marketing Cloud 
  • How you can leverage Habu Intelligence Packs for key marketing use cases
  • What are the specific business questions you’ll be able to answer
  • How a global beauty brand accelerates time to insight for its 40+ brands

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