Jessica Carter

Jessica Tansey

Head of Data & Audiences

Jessica Tansey

Jessica’s diverse and wide ranging experiences spans media, agency, digital transformation, enablement, and marketing tech. She brings this expansive lens to every new role, client, and project she engages with. Having lived up and down the east coast she worked at CBS Digital bringing her tenacity and grit to advance media operations. Following CBS Digital she worked at the aptly named Moxie where she advanced the way ad operations and media operations were used to drive client growth.

At Krux Digital, Jessica took her experience back to her hometown of Boston where she focused on DMP client success. In the age of new DMPs she shepherded clients through the challenges of audience decisioning and activation and drove meaningful client growth by negotiating substantial data partnerships. At Salesforce, Jessica brought her deep industry knowledge to the sales side helping prospects unlock the potential the technology could afford them.

Jessica is Head of Data & Audiences at Habu where she instructs clients and prospects on the nuances of the new data economy and how to build meaningful data assets, understand the impact of data on important brand use cases, and drive meaningful ROI through the well orchestrated use of data in media and non media use cases.