Delivering modular solutions on the industry’s first Marketing Data OS to address brands’ needs today and into the future.

Insight Applications

Habu Clean Rooms
Safe data provisioning with native governance
Full View Automation
Insights where it matters

Data Applications

Data Accelerator
Build valuable data sustainably
Automated Segmentation
Never build another segment
Marketing Data Operating System
Industry transforming framework that all of your essential applications can run on

The Marketing Data Operating System every technology should be built on

In the same way that the operating system on your phone powers the framework that all of your essential applications can run on, our Marketing Data Operating System comprises the solid foundation that all experience technologies should deliver.

Identity Bridge:
Bring Your Own Identity if you can, but extend what you don’t have with a multi-tiered identity partner solution for scale and quality.

Cloud Platform Adapter:
Solve for ETL by using a solution that can run in your existing cloud instance.

Cross Domain Unification:
Operate across owned and operated domains more effectively. 

Habu is the un-platform that brands use to stitch services together, bolt on new services, or deploy lightweight applications on top of their existing technologies.

Modular over monolithic. 

Strategic Guidance, Tactical Success

At Habu, we are embracing an agile Customer Success model that reinforces our modular approach to technology. Instead of lengthy, technical engagements, we deliver rapid deployments that minimize heavy-lifting and accelerate time-to-value for brands. We stay engaged, end-to-end, to help our customers refine strategy, iterate and optimize the tech, scale what’s working and measure the business value that we’re creating together.

Edward Flanagan

Ted Flanagan
Head of Customer Success