Say Hello to Habu!

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Habu, the first marketing data operating system that enables brands to build a durable data foundation and deliver multi-channel personalization with automated privacy controls. Put simply, Habu helps marketers do their jobs amidst the increasing complexity and constraints of today’s rapidly evolving landscape. 

I co-founded Habu with former Krux and Salesforce colleagues Mike Moreau, Vivek Vaidya, and Tom Chavez because we saw that the tectonic market shifts were going to greatly hamper marketers’ ability to drive growth. Habu was incubated over the past year at super{set}, a startup studio created by Tom and Vivek. After piloting with several global CPG and Fortune 500 brands for the last six months, Habu comes out of stealth today with our announcement of $15 million in Series A funding led by super{set}, Ridge Ventures and select investors.

Brands are experiencing existential challenges as a result of increasing data regulations, shifting market dynamics, and lack of interoperable technology. I know this from the hundreds of CMOs I spoke to while working as Chief Customer Officer of Salesforce’s Consumer Engagement Platform. The same themes kept surfacing from these conversations:

  1. How do I build lasting, trusted relationships directly with consumers and leverage this quality first-party data to provide better engagement across all channels?
  2. How do I deliver personalized experiences at scale in light of new privacy laws and pending legislation?
  3. How do I do a better job of connecting my paid advertising through media titans, e.g., Google, Facebook, and Amazon, with my efforts on owned channels?
  4. How do I do all of this in a world where I already have people and resource constraints and I really just want to get more out of the platforms and tools I have?
  5. How do I tap the opportunities of emerging channels like OTT?

CMOs, who are already under tremendous pressure to drive growth, must now grapple with the personalization-privacy paradox and a landscape ruled more tightly by internet giants. How do brands forge a path to growth with these new market realities? 

Habu offers a fundamentally different approach. We well understand that brands don’t want yet another platform or marketing cloud to further complicate their jobs. They endeavor to build stronger connections and trust with consumers through omnichannel personalization that complies with privacy laws. They want options, clarity, and flexibility to do what they do best. 

Habu’s modular OS interoperates with existing marketing technology, and even extends the capabilities of legacy systems. With Habu, brands can finally stitch together marketing and advertising data from multiple platforms to deliver relevant consumer experiences across all channels. We’re also supporting marketers with true automation –– from repetitive tasks that eat up time and resources to insights that are otherwise inaccessible today.

We’re encouraged by the feedback and results from early customers using Habu. Even more reasons to be optimistic: the Habu team has been working on marketing, e-commerce, and data systems for the past two decades at the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies, including: Salesforce (via Krux), Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and Akamai. This is a team with deep technical chops and experience in serving the needs of brands.

We look forward to empowering brands with the solutions they need to navigate the complexities of today’s market dynamics and harness first-party data in a privacy-first world. Say hello to Habu!

See our press release here, and click here to read TechCrunch’s write-up about Habu.