Optimize Campaigns with Data Collaboration

A Guide For Travel & Hospitality Companies

In the travel and hospitality industry, data drives innovation in products and services, which elevates customer expectations around brand experiences. And yet ever-increasing data privacy regulation makes those customers harder to reach and serve. Data-driven media buying also faces headwinds: sales goals are rising, budgets are declining, and the relationship between media buyers and walled gardens (and retail media networks) often feels passive and stagnant.

The opportunities presented by data collaboration for travel and hospitality are significant, but brands looking for data to enrich their insights must be vigilant about data privacy and protecting customer information. Powered by a modern data clean room, travel and hospitality brands can leverage data collaboration to enrich their first-person data while taking back control of campaign performance and driving better insights from walled gardens and partner brands.

Travel & Hospitality Brands: Optimize Campaigns with Data Collaboration

Optimize Campaign Performance with Data Collaboration

This playbook will explore:

  • How data clean rooms deliver opportunities for travel and hospitality brands
  • What travel and hospitality enterprises need to consider when collaborating with data
  • Why data clean rooms are an ideal solution for safe data collaboration
  • Compelling data use cases for the travel and hospitality industry
  • What the future of data-driven collaboration in travel & hospitality looks like

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