Top media companies, CPG companies, financial services companies, and others will all soon be using data clean rooms, if they aren't already.

Whether you're a top media company with a rich first party data asset, a CPG company looking to tap into a Retailer's conversion data, or a Financial Services company concerned with protecting your data asset while being able to fully explore the use cases that benefit your business and growth, a data clean room is the solution for you.

Data clean rooms offer digital revenue leaders a new channel to monetize their rich data asset in order to enhance existing and unlock new advertising partnerships.

Marketing and data strategy leaders can explore new ways to improve customer growth and lifetime value by establishing strategic relationships with key partners in a secure way; each data owner maintains full control.

Brands or agencies that spend significantly within the walled gardens can benefit by leveraging each of their data clean rooms whether it's Google ADH, Facebook Advanced Analytics, or Amazon Marketing Cloud and can utilize Habu's Data Clean Room Intelligence to automate and streamline the process within those environments.