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Who’s the Martech Leader of Data Clean Rooms? Well, Habu, of Course.

by: Abbas Makhdum
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Habu has been named one of the Hottest Marketing Tech Companies of 2022 by Business Insider, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Why is Habu at the top? Lately, Habu has been moving the needle for privacy-safe data sharing and data collaboration by:

1) providing useful, usable data clean rooms,

2) offering an intelligence layer to clean room data

3) integrating where customers already are leveraging data.

Three Reasons Habu Data Clean Room Rose to the Top of the List

1. Habu offers data clean room solution like no other

The Habu team has been successfully supporting big names in entertainment, retail, and consumer packaged goods including Disney, L'Oreal, and Kroger. These companies and others trust Habu’s data clean room software to comply with strict consumer privacy regulations while finding new audiences online. The biggest difference between Habu and its competitors? Immediate value. Habu’s data clean room is set up to provide valuable insights right at the start.

2. Habu’s intelligence layer gives marketers of major platforms an advantage

Habu’s “intelligent layer” technology helps marketers who use big platforms like Google and Amazon Marketing Cloud get the most of their data clean room experience. Habu simply makes using any data clean room an easier, more valuable process, and our customers tell us all the time how excited they are with the results. The recognition we’ve received from Business Insider is icing on the cake.

3. Habu is integrated where many data marketers already are

Since the data cloud giant Snowflake has integrated Habu’s technology, we’ve gained a lot of traction at Habu. Snowflake has a large following of savvy marketers, and they are now able to easily access Habu’s data collaboration and privacy-safe data sharing tools right where they are.

Habu solves big businesses’ big data challenges

This is Business Insider’s fourth annual list of martech leaders, and Habu is thrilled to be among the best of the best in the industry. This list is intended to make people more aware of companies that are “taking on cloud giants and solving big problems for marketers … offering privacy-safe ways to handle consumer data, [and/or] helping marketers retain the new customers,”[1] among other big goals. At Habu, we’re happy to take on all three.

Are you curious about how Habu’s data clean room can help your organization better manage data collaboration and data sharing-based initiatives? Let’s talk.

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