Since our inception, Habu has maintained certain core values that are being tested more than ever today. Equality, justice, diversity, and inclusiveness are integral in our commitment to cultivate a company culture built on those foundational principles.

We have not and will not ever tolerate hate, injustice, violence or bigotry, in any form. Nor will we stay silent when these principles are threatened. They have no place in our communities and together we must all commit to be better and do better for each other.

Financial Support

Habu is committed to providing monetary support to causes that are intrinsic to our company’s core values. We make one-time and recurring donations as a company and support our employees by matching donations to organizations they are passionate about.

To date, we have donated to over 30 organizations that focus on many of the core challenges we as a society face today including, but not limited to:

  • Social justice including criminal justice reform, voter rights, diversity and inclusion
  • Environment including climate change, sustainability, and renewable technologies
  • Social good including homelessness, poverty, and education


As a company, we believe that our social contract obligates us to operate as a moral and just organization and provide support to the communities in which we live, work, and love.

Volunteer Support

As a company we support and encourage every employee to give to the causes they are passionate about, not just monetarily but also with their time. We enable each and every employee to take time to volunteer for organizations in their communities or wherever they feel the need is greatest. We also focus on increasing our impact through coordinated team volunteer activities in our hub cities.

Technology & Resource Support

Far too often, those that need it most, tend to have it least. To that end Habu will make our technology available to not-for-profit organizations that need it. To date, multiple organizations have utilized our applications and support. If your organization is interested in utilizing our modular technologies please contact