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Data Clean Room Features

Discover what Habu can do for you.

Whether you're a marketing director, a chief data analyst, or the head of digital revenue, you need to leverage your consumer data safely, comprehensively, and efficiently across all channels.

Habu's data clean rooms will help you do just that.

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Ico distributed data

Designed for distributed data

Integrate our data clean rooms in the cloud with any platform or tool. No importing or sharing required.

Companies are working with many tools, platforms, and cloud providers, and don't want to be locked in to a single infrastructure. Habu is platform agnostic; it works with any brand or platform.

Data lives in multiple, disparate locations, including Facebook, Amazon, CRM, and data warehouses. Each data silo has its own set of limitations, and these are only getting more stringent. Habu coalesces all your data intelligence in one interface.

You're able to accelerate innovation and enable privacy and control of where and how the data is stored, while minimizing data movement and replication by allowing you to access data in any platform or cloud environment.

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Ico privacy

Privacy protected

Protect and respect your consumers' privacy by applying differential privacy methodologies while safe-guarding your and your partners' proprietary data.

Habu's privacy-by-design architecture utilizes tools such as noise injection, anonymization, and automated consent enforcement to keep trust with your valuable audience.

Top media companies need to securely collaborate data sets with existing advertising partners. CPG and retailers need to securely share transaction data for closed loop measurement. Everyone needs to protect the rights of consumers.

Accurately measure and prove the value of media, increase revenue opportunities, understand customer lifetime value, and gain assurance that your data intelligence follows current privacy protocols.

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Ico identity integration

Identity orchestration

Reduce duplicate profiles and marketing waste by knowing who your customers really are; Habu Data Clean Rooms easily integrate with any ID graph.

Combine online and offline first party and partner data sets in the Habu Data Clean Room to get a more complete view of your customer and measure the impact of marketing efforts.

People have multiple emails, phone numbers, IP addresses, and even names. Understanding that various activities are by the same person is a requirement for accurate attribution, personalization, and efficient targeting.

Leverage your preferred ID graphs or use any of ours; simplify the process with easy integration.

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Ico automation

Automation first

Work faster, discover insights more quickly, and tightly define your target market.

Quickly discover people with similar characteristics with Automated Segmentation. Leverage a library of natural language questions to automate the creation of queries and reports.

Not even the most well staffed and experienced team can manually spot all the data insights or respond to them expediently. Automation enables you to scale and to showcase the value of your data to brands.

Run analyses in minutes to discover high-value audiences, achieve faster campaign cycles, integrate seamlessly to key advertising platforms, and improve ROAS (return on ad spend).

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Ico actionable insights

Actionable insights

Put data to work by leveraging analytics and insights to take appropriate action.

Discover new valuable audiences that can be activated immediately across channels, such as Facebook, Amazon, The Trade Desk, or Google, to execute your campaigns. Or push to your warehouse, CRM, or planning tools to create smarter products and experiences.

Basing important business decisions such as when, where, how, and how frequently to invest in new products, media, and sponsorships on an expanded view of your consumer will put you in better control of making smart engagement decisions.

Go from insights to action quickly by leveraging data from wherever it lives for enhanced customer profiles, advanced targeting, and improved customer lifetime value.

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Ico comprehensive measurement

Comprehensive media measurement

Achieve a cohesive, accurate media measurement in near real-time, across platforms.

Understand reach and frequency, latency, and journey analysis across all marketing channels, even within walled gardens, like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

When data is disparate and other companies control the output, it's difficult to truly know where to focus your attention. Data clean rooms remove the blinders and help future-proof your business assets.

Increased transparency, unbiased data, know where to invest for the most value, enhanced operational efficiency, improve targeted ad spend.

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Ico rapid feedback

Rapid feedback

Identify more opportunities for customer connections with a rapid feedback loop of activity.

Receive consumer data back in real time to create more relevant interactions with your customers. Include more recent data in your reports, make better adjustments on the fly.

Habu's data clean room software provides a single view of many systems to enable rapid deployment and a fast feedback loop so companies can change tactics quickly.

Fewer missed opportunities to connect, faster optimization cycles.

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Ico cross channel

Cross-channel attribution

Use impressions, clicks, conversions, offline transactions, and more to understand where the best opportunities are coming from, even across multiple channels.

Discover which promotions (and at what level) are attributed to the sale or conversion across channels such as Facebook, Google, TV, and/or in-store register.

Simply put: ROI. With cross-channel attribution, you get a holistic view of which programs and platforms are most cost-effective and important for your business.

Gain a more complete view of consumer activity across advertising, sales, and online and offline behaviors.

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