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Primary Use Cases

Habu is outcome-oriented.

Use case driven, offering end-to-end solutions for insights, measurement, experimentation, machine learning, & activation.


Habu’s data clean room software enables companies to achieve data-driven marketing and business outcomes that are becoming increasingly difficult due to:

  • Strict privacy regulations
  • Distributed data
  • Lack of easy and secure access to partner data
  • Attribution blindness
  • Rapid consumer behavior changes

Privacy-safe data collaboration and advanced analytics, via data clean rooms, is the only way to conquer these challenges.

Here are four primary Habu use cases.

#1 Data and Model Enrichment

Data and model enrichment is the #1 way to increase and enhance acquisition and retention. Through machine learning, you will unlock new insights by bringing proprietary models, like propensity models, and data together in a protected way to supercharge your customer profiles and models and scale rapidly. Answer questions like:

  • What are our customers doing when they’re not engaging with us?
  • What are their interests and behaviors?
  • What don’t we know about them that will help us improve the experience and cut through the noise?

Data Clean Rooms Use Case Overview

Data model enrichment 1

#2 Advanced Segmentation and Private Activation

It’s not enough to enrich the data. Your team must seamlessly go from insight to activation. Automate audience segmentation and immediately push your campaigns across disparate channels.

  • Be smarter about who you target to save on budget and churn
  • Know where to target and when
  • Have the tools to act on data in the moment

3 ways data clean rooms are driving business growth

Advanced segmentation 1

#3 Customer Journey and Attribution

Identifying the entire customer journey, including from different types of data, has always been a challenge. As privacy regulations get stricter and data becomes more distributed, secure and easy access to those intent signals is more critical than ever. With Habu, you can:

  • Get a more complete picture of consumer behaviors, outside of first party data
  • Close gaps in your customer journey with high-value data signals from key partners
  • Remove previously unseen points of friction in your customers’ path to purchase
  • Enhance attribution

Why smart brands are turning to modern data clean rooms

Customer journey 1

#4 Measurement and Experimentation

More effectively target and measure online advertising efforts across clean room environments to increase reach, reduce waste, radically improve sales lift, and ultimately maximize ROI. For example, with Habu, you can:

  • Connect first party data with data from walled gardens and publishers
  • Marry campaign data and conversion data
  • Combine attribution and experimental methods such as A-B testing
  • Compare first party data with merchant’s data for more granular insights

8 key considerations when evaluating modern-day data collaboration software

Measurement experimentation 1
Gra use cases all

Unlock your use cases today!

Habu is being leveraged by Fortune 500 companies across the globe in many different ways. How will you use Habu? We look forward to starting the conversation.

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