With over 50 years of combined experience building cutting-edge marketing technology, including Krux (acquired by Salesforce in 2016), our founders know why omni-channel personalization is broken and are resolved to fix it. Siloed platforms with minimal interoperability, monolithic companies bolting on acquired technology, incomplete identity resolution, confusing privacy legislation, and lack of innovation have created a scenario in which consistently personalized experiences for consumers seems out of reach.

We are committed to simplifying the personalization of messages, content, and experiences without replacing marketers’ existing technology. Brands do not have the time or resources to make antiquated technologies do what they were never built to accomplish. Habu is here to automate and remove the complexities standing in the way of deep, rich interactions between brands and consumers. Habu is truly omni-channel and supports emerging platforms like voice, OTT, in-car, podcasts, etc. This is the next generation of personalization.

Existing marketing stacks cannot solve for brands’ biggest obstacles of today: regulatory changes, silos and walled gardens. The only way is to build a system that stitches across the consumer, brand, and experiences. Habu is the only team in the industry qualified to solve for this.

— Matt Kilmartin, CEO, Habu

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Matt Kilmartin

CEO & Co-Founder
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Vivek Vaidya

CTO & Co-Founder
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Mike Moreau

COO & Co-Founder
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